Monday, June 6, 2011


Does your family enjoy the faith building products by Lamplighter Publishing? We sure do!

And this week our good friend, Gabe, is giving away one of their books at her site! She's become an affiliate of Lamplighter Publishing and has a lovely copy of Teddy's Buttons to share with us!

Sweet treat!

We love all resources that lead little hearts home, and Lamplighter books really fit the bill. We often use them as gifts for special occasions to allow the girls to begin to build their own libraries.

If you haven't heard of the fantastic books at Lamlighter or would just love to win a free one, pop on over and leave her a comment right away! The contest is only going on through the end of this week.


Gabe and I getting the chance to catch up a bit.

Gabe and her family are a real encouragement to us. In fact, they were just here for a visit this weekend and brought a lot of sunshine and smiles to our home.

Their Jane and our Hailey-cheese!!! And cheese pizza too.

My nephew Joshua and two of Gabe's boys. So fun to have sweet boys around!

Little treats and fancy cups just turn into sweet tea parties when girl friends gather, don't they?

We love games that all ages can play together. Have you seen Headbanz? This one is a lot of fun and children don't even need to know how to read to play so it really opens up the age range. It's recommended by speech therapists and sold at Target and Amazon.

My sweet sister, Elizabeth, leading the littles in a different game. Here she is reading "pizza, pizza pie!" in her best Italian accent to set it up.

May you be blessed!


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    Thanks for posting about Gabe's giveaway :-) I love the two Lamplighters I've read. I collect old books...and I love the way these look like antique books, but also that the content is so wonderful.

    Hope you are well. How is Miss Lydia?

    Lots of love,

  2. Hello Summer!

    This is Rebecca! Blogger is doing some weird thing and logging me out when I go to submit a comment, so I am Anonymous for now. ; )

    You're welcome! Which ones do you have?

    Lydia is doing ok. She had another odd episode yesterday, but God is good.

    I miss seeing you! I hope to see your sweet face soon!


  3. Oops- I meant Sommer! I was thinking about you coming out this Summer! : )

  4. Hi Rebecca :-)

    No problem... it is not unusual for folks to misspell my name :-) And I do so look forward to us working out a time to come out this summer!

    I continue to think about Lydia and pray for her. I hope you will get some more solid answers soon my friend. But God is good and He will surely carry you all through this.

    We have A Basket of Flowers and Jessica's First Prayer. It has been some time since we read them..I think I must do so again soon:-) Of course now we have a little man too, so I need to find some that would suit his noble little spirit as well!

    I hope we will see you this Sunday. I miss seeing you too! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow dear friend!

    Lots of love,

  5. We too like Lamplighter books! We have Teddy's Button, Basket of Flowers, Jessica's First Prayer and.....I think that's it for now. I wait for the girls to get older as we go to read the older books. :-)
    Hope you are having a great summer.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit! It was such a blessing to our family! We always come away from our visits felling so blessed and loved! Thank you for your joyful spirit!


  7. Hi Kelly-

    Basket of Flowers and Jessica's First Prayer are a couple of my favorites! Did you know Jessica's First Prayer has a sequel to it? We are enjoying a few of the Lamplighter audio productions as well.

    Summer is looking up, but quite honestly I have been really physically and emotionally drained with Lydia's health issues. I covet your prayers during this hard time. Thank you!

    Gabe- Our pleasure! Why don't you come on back? : )