Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I love color. With the weather change everything seems so bright and cheery. Here a couple of my favorite colors this week...



Liz and I found these dresses at Walmart~ Lands End looking, but less expensive ($9 & $6). Had some left over ribbon I used for their hair.

The ribbon was originally purchased so that I could make these baby hair clips. After hot gluing several clips completely closed I finally figured out how to make them. : )

I also made the baby blanket which was fun to do.

Now, I know this project was crafty because my husband was singing, "She's crafty, she's just my type..." as I was hot gluing my fingers. : )


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed the tips on organization (please continue these)- I'm very excited about beginning this process- I have found that being organized gives me much more time to do things that matter rather than always thinking about picking up messes. And- you are a very talented photographer- everything is so pretty.

  2. So how did you keep the clips from gluing closed?

  3. Hi Christy, Thanks so much for stopping in and for your sweet comments! Hope you have a blessed day!

    Hi Dana! You know, I had to glue the ribbon around on the inside (top). It took me a couple tries to figure out. I'll add a picture to this post if I am not making sense. : )

    Thanks Cheryl! : )

    Love, Rebecca

  4. I assume you used your cure all, fix all, can't live with out it?

    Of course I mean hot glue.

  5. Of course! I just might be the quickest glue gun draw in the west. ; )

  6. Rebecca, What a sweet gift you created. As the Mama of the recipient, I can testify to the "craftsmanship" and cuteness. Now when her hair starts growing you'll see those bows on Sundays:-)

  7. Awww... thanks Sandi! It was so neat to celebrate with you! What a precious little girl you have.