Friday, April 4, 2008


Well, I am officially nesting! Too bad I have a hard time bending down while I am feeling so ambitious!

Nesting is so odd. I do not have any extra energy, but I am compelled to get a lot of stuff done! Truly, my ginormous body is NOT in the best shape to be ordered around, but again, I feel like I have to do lots of really important jobs!

Since I am nesting, everyone around me is nesting too! Here's Tommy last Saturday “nesting:"

Here's our sweet Faithie girl “nesting:" : )

Yep, I even sucked in my niece and nephew. Sven said they could visit today if they were working. Gotta love that plan! Here's our Joshie “nesting:"

Just to give you an idea of what we're talking about here- just today I repainted the front porch (using a roller and a pole so I didn't have to bend over), cleaned the house, trimmed my carpet roses, weeded, led the kids in some planting projects, did laundry, dusted and did some minor redecorating. When I could no longer physically stand I sat down... begrudgingly. I could see dust from where I was sitting.

Sadly, several of the girls have been suffering with a cold this week. I am sure they are very sorry to be resting when they could be nesting!

Please feel free stop on by- there's plenty of “nesting” for everyone! : )


  1. So.. . . can your family nest in my house? We certainly have plenty of things for you guys to do.

  2. Yes, on your way home from Lois' house stop in here :) You made me tired from all you've been doing and I'm not about to give birth! Missed you on Sun! Hope everyone feels better soon...

  3. Hi Lois and Kristi!

    Sounds fun! : ) I wish y'all lived closer!

    You know, I think I must be worried that I won't get anything accomplished once the baby is born. My recovery takes a while. At least I'm supposed to let it take a while...

    I'm working on landscaping this week- bark, rock, raking, shoveling, moving plants. I'm really having fun! Tom is helping me when he can and I realized tonight that it's a lot more fun when we're working together.

    The kids still have the sniffles, so I am still having them take it easy, but they do seem to be on the mend and pitch in for little bits at a time.