Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The girls have been having fun with embroidery. Here Michaela created a cute little "wash" shirt using a free pattern from Needle Crafter. They have a lot of sweet, vintage embroidery designs available that we really enjoyed.

We found a fabulous embroidery tutorial at Crafty Daisies.
Check out their heartwarming suggestion for children's art. It makes me want to take up embroidery myself. : )

The girls have been using their old t-shirts and onesies from the Dollar Store, which makes it inexpensive to learn. It's also been a great way to pass time in the car!


  1. I am very impressed with how well your daughters did on their embroidery. Every stitch looks perfect. I remember picking up embroidery at about their age and really enjoying it. It's been a long time since I've done it, though.
    At what age did your girls start?

  2. Those are sweet designs! I am a huge emroidery fan. And most of it gets done on long car rides. (It also helps me stay focused when a child is reading to me. Isn't that sad! I am embarrased to admit how my mind wanders).

  3. I had a question...did they use any sort of stabilizer on the back/inside of the shirts?
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Serena! Yes, I'd be impressed too~ I think you are referring to the embroidery from Crafty Daisies where a mama took her daughter's artwork and turned it into embroidery on hand towels. It's precious, isn't it? We have just begun to learn. We printed out the Crafty Daisies tutorial and hope to tackle some of her "homework." : )

    Dana~ I did not know you embroider! It's absolutely brand new to us, so tips are definitely welcome. Great idea when the kids are reading. Beats falling asleep. : )

    Hi Beth, no we haven't tried stabilizer yet, but I bet that would work great on onesies and t-shirts. Thanks for sharing the idea! : )