Friday, August 29, 2008

Cumulative File Requirements

Hello Erin, school marm Faith is here to tell you what should be in your cumulative file!

The California Education Code Requires that a "cumulative record of a pupil's school experience" be kept. To follow are the main components. We keep ours in a large 3" binder for each child.

Hope this helps you to get off to a great homeschool start! "Start- one syllable- s-t-ar-t." Are you thinking like an SWR trainer this week? : )

Love to you!

Courtesy of SVCS

1. Birth Certificate

2. Proof of Academic Progress Records. This could be met by keeping handwriting projects, worksheets, etc. in child's own handwriting. Mark with date and current grade level.

3. Health/ Immunization Records (health record would include a "kindergarten physical"/ immunization record requirement could also be met with a signed waiver if opting out of immunizations)

4. Attendance Records

5. Hours of Instruction

6. Days of Instruction

7. Proposed Course of Study (You know, that wonderful tool that helps me to create my schedule?)

8. Weekly School Planner


  1. I didn't realize we needed to keep all of those things in record! I have kept some just because I thought it would be important, but didn't realize there was more:-0

    Thanks for the heads up! I better go compile the missing things...eeek!

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Sommer!

    I have received this same "cum" file requirements list from more than one ISP, but if you are filing independently I think there may be slightly different rules.

    I am not trying to worry anyone. So I hope that isn't the result of this post, but I wanted to share this information in case people hadn't heard of this and would like to compile their records in one location. I have been advised that this is part of California's requirements. : )

    Also, collecting work samples from each quarter is a fun encouragement for us as we see the improvement of our children's work. Sometimes it takes a couple of semesters to really show, but it does and that is really rewarding for us as instructors.

    If we were to receive an inquiry from the state (as unlikely as that would be) the "cum" file would display diligence that would otherwise be difficult to display.

    I wouldn't give it to someone knocking on my door, but it could help HSLDA help me! : )

    Blessings to you!

  3. Go SWR! Thanks for the info - gotta get going with that :)

  4. Thanks Rebecca~

    We file as a private school and the only requirements that I recall are attendance kept, include the subjects expected by our state, and I believe keep a grade record. I also have to file the affidavit. Perhaps that is why there was a difference:-)

    Not too worried, but I like to keep as many things as would be useful if ever questioned.

    Thanks again for all the work you are doing.

    Lots of love,

  5. Seriously?!? A BIRTH CERTIFICATE! (Sigh) That's a bummer... good thing she's not in "school" yet : )
    Will you be expanding on the "cum" file in future posts? I would be curious to know how much work you keep for #2 (academic progress). My tendency would to be save every piece of school work, but that seems extreme. Might you include samples of #4-#8? I'm not sure what those would look like. If it would we easier, I could probably just visit you and look at it again... and take notes.

  6. I know! This was the first year I had heard that. I am double checking with our PSP on the code.

    I don't keep too much. A few items from each quarter just to show progression.

    Speaking of you coming over, I have a favor to ask you! ; )


  7. I thought I would take the opportunity to answer the questions about CUM files for those filing a PSA (private school affadavit) in California. The following items should be on file.

    -Course of Study-including several branches required in public schools (i.e. Math, English, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, Health, P.E. etc)

    -Attendance records (There is not a specific # of days that has to be met)

    -Immunization records or a waiver

    -Names and addresses of faculty with a record of educational qualifications.

    For more details you can visit Chea's site at:

    So it is not as hard as some think.

    Hope that helps!!!