Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Christian Movie!

For you and your hubby... and maybe your older teens. Just in time for the weekend. : )

Watch online. Come What May.

Winner: “2008 Redemptive Storyteller Award”
First feature film completed and inspired by
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival Attendees
Helping to Pass Colorado’s Constitutional
“Personhood 48 Amendment” Ballot Initiative
Received Six Distribution Offers, including from Provident Films
(distributor of “Facing The Giants” and “Fireproof”)
Made by 40 homeschooled students, including 12 Patrick Henry College students, mentored by a handful of professionals



  1. I watched this Monday and it is wonderful! It is worth your time.

  2. Hey Rebecca-

    I just bought a copy for the church library!


  3. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Great idea Kenj!