Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I am loving these rich fall colors. And, of course, the joy of photographing dear friends.


Gracious and talented Heather.

Heather's precious kids. A couple weeks ago I caught her oldest son (he's nicknamed Goose over on her blog) quietly giving up his sweatshirt on a cold morning for his younger sister. Precious... and yet simply like breathing in this family. Patterns. Patterns of service.

Cowboy is all BOY! And so fun to be around.



Oh, I love this family! Their Mama, Sandi, is so fun and truly a sweet friend. When I was in the hospital with Hailey, Sandi drove upwards of 2 hours with another friend to come and see me and bring me sweet girly things. She is always a blessing.

Two little love birds, sittin' in a tree...

Busy, busy boys! I was surprised that these busy boys stood still long enough for me to capture them! They were actually so fun, climbing up on barrels and posing themselves. Adorable. I just went with it. Oh, look at those eyes.

Aren't they adorable?

Daddy and son.

Okay, enough play. Back to proofing!



  1. What beautiful photos! I love that first picture of Heather.


  2. Gorgeous photos. You are talanted with the camera! I love the "Daddy and son" photo. It says so much!

  3. Thanks so much ladies!

    To be honest, I felt a pretty worried about taking photos for our friends. I haven't done that before and I am not a professional.

    Photos for our family is no pressure. Photos for a magazine some pressure, but you can retake the shots if the lighting is bad or something doesn't work out (which we did).

    But to have people counting on you to pose them, have your lighting and settings right etc.~ I felt a bit sick.

    Thankfully my brother (in law) and sister were there to make people laugh and smile. They really helped make these shots.

    And the Lord blessed our efforts here. : )

    I took some more this past weekend of friends and sweet extended family. I'll try to post some of those tonight.


  4. I LOVE to look at the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing.