Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You are Invited!

If you follow us here at Leading Little Hearts Home, we would like to invite you to add yourselves to the newly added FRIENDS OF LEADING LITTLE HEARTS HOME gadget on the sidebar.

We'd love to see you there and allow other like minded families to find you!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

You bless.



  1. I've been reading your blog since you started it--I found you through Kendra's blog :) I only recently realized that people actually like to KNOW who is stopping by! You and your family radiate the Lord's joy and I always look forward to reading your updates!

  2. Thanks so much Andrea! And welcome!

    You're right. It's so nice to meet people who know you through your blog. I am not sure I realized that before I began blogging.

    This weekend we met the sweetest lady in the Costco parking lot who recognized us from our blog. Boy were we surprised! It was really fun.


  3. Hi Rebecca! This is the "sweetest lady" from Costco! I just showed your comments to our oldest, and we got a laugh.
    I have read almost all of your posts since Kendra linked to your site before you had your last baby girl. We enjoy and glean from families like yourselves who are desiring to love and serve the Lord. You take the most lovely pictures! And it is refreshing to stop by here.
    It was nice seeing and meeting you in person, and thank you for blessing our family.
    Lindsay Magana

  4. Thank you Lindsay! And thanks to everyone who has added themselves to our friends area.

    You're the best!