Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the Swing

Christmas break has ended here. And there is something exciting about getting back in the swing of things.

Even little red heads stop spinning long enough to beg for another reading lesson. This little girl loves to learn.

To be purposeful, weekly charts hang in the girl's room.

I love paper. Writing in assignments and seeing each student's school plan laid out in front of me- it's ideal.

Simple charts were created in Excel and uploaded to Scribd. Even a generic version, in case you wanted one.
Sarah's SCHOOL Chart

Friday has become a great day to follow up on things, making sure we didn't miss anything on our chart.

This past Friday there was an educational movie available for those who had pushed especially hard Monday through Thursday doing extra assignments ahead of time.

That gave me time to pull out my wonderful paper. To write in the assignments in the boxes on each chart and attach school work for the following week. This could become a habit.


Having a plan helps us to work in the fun stuff.

The My Body science book (from my good friend Dana- thanks D!) has you trace students on a big roll of paper and then build their body layer by layer, learning as you go. Anyone know what the spleen does? I do now!

Using a free sandwich book report template we were able to write a few highlights about an exciting historical fiction series we are finishing up. Writing and art? Perfect.

And a bit of Christmas money put to use above the mantel. What a precious verse.

Blessings to you!

  • Michaela being her cute 10 year old self. Gotta love a girl in pearls and Keds!
  • Clipboards found at WalMart. Loved the "old fashioned" clip with the newer clear plastic board. Sleek. Black and white gingham ribbon help corral the girl's daily work charts neatly behind their bedroom door.
  • Vinyl Scripture found at Vision Forum. Would you believe I've looked at vinyl lettering for three years, but could never find the verse that was "just right?" When I saw this one, I fell in love instantly. You can also buy direct from Fruitful Vine Creations.


  1. LOVE the new school charts. I am using something VERY similar. They are very helpful when trying to keep track of multiple children's schoolwork. I also love the look of the "My body science book." We did something similar for my oldest, but we were creating everything as we went along. That looks like it would make things easier on Mom. Bonus, I found it on Paper Back Swap this morning!

    Have a great day!


  2. Love the "sandwich" book report...I think we'll definitely be trying that one in our home. And, I just ordered us some of the Viking Quest Series. We are working hard to find wholesome material for our kiddos so I am looking forward to reading through these.

    ok - this may sound plum silly- but what do you put the girls paper creations on your wall with so it doesn't ear off the paint or leave a greasy spot. we have recently moved with my husbands job transfer and are trying to sale a home back while renting the one we are currently in and I don't want to mess the walls up. I want to display so much from our homeschool journey but haven't known the best route.

  3. What a helpful post, Rebecca! I've been looking for a good resource for learning about the body, so YAY! about the timeliness of this post. Thank you.

    And then the series recommendation, too~ thank you.

    Your clipboards are darling~ and I'm with you- there's just something about paper that I love, too.

    What a great idea for the book reports, too! Ella consistently writes book reports, but nothing so fun as this would be for her. I can't wait to try this to change things up a bit! She'll love this idea, and I like how it gives more direction to what she can write about.


  4. Your school chart is such a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing! And, we have two vinyl lettering scripture verses up in our home and I really, really like them. Such a blessing to walk into a room and see Our Father's Hand on the wall. =)

  5. Hi Margaret! Great minds think alike? ; ) Thanks so much for your note btw, I will work on a button. Great idea!

    Hi Christina! I want to talk more about reading. I didn't forget! I hope you enjoy the series. I actually bought these for our 10 and up crowd, but ended up reading them to everyone. I know your group is young, so I hope they won't be too much. 1-3 were my favorites.

    Hi Stacy! Oh good, I am not alone. I feel so low tech sometimes with my love for paper, but I can't resist laying everything out! You're welcome! Have you tried making shape books? Those are fun. You can google for patterns. One of the girls made one about her favorite boots and we laced a shoe lace up the cover- cute stuff.

    Hi Sheri! Thank you. Amen! I have long wanted to do it. I just wish it wouldn't take me so long to decide on which verses. : ) Any helpful hints?

  6. Christina- Oops, sorry I forgot your question about the schoolwork! Not silly at all. Really right now it's clear tape. : )

    Don't feel badly if you can't have their work up in this season. Different times require different things.

    Just a thought- you could always take photos of various things and make a photo album they can show to others.

    Blessings to you!

  7. Hi Christina,

    Another idea:

    My brother in law works at a Jenness Park Christian Camp and he says to keep their walls nice they use the blue painter's tape (found at hardware stores) to hang things. Made to stick, but remove without damage.

    Good tip. Thanks Ted! : )

  8. Oooo Rebecca, I loved this post, thank you! Those clipboards are wonderful, I love the simplicity of the charts. hmmmm. It has got my thinking! We start school officially for the year in another week. Can't wait! xo

  9. this post was very helpful and motivating. I loved the hanging charts. I am going to borrow this idea from you for our family. Thank You. I also like the Body Book. I think that I will be ordering that one, too. Last but not least, the verse is beautiful. How creative you are. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Adored this post. I have come back to it several times. I am going to love that chore chart and the way you have them hanging is wonderful. I am going to google book patterns right now. I think one of my little Ones will like it very much. If you have any great sites all ready, do you mind sharing?

  11. Nice to see you back! I like the chart! Yes I too enjoy paper! My husband has been trying for years to get me to plan on my Mac. I refuse. I enjoy seeing it on a written calender. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy week!
    Kelly K

  12. My friend sells uppercase living which also has some nice vinyl quotes.
    The other one that is nice is I think its called His Hands Laser.
    Just waiting to paint before choosing. :)

  13. I read the Viking Quest books, too, and they were really good. If I may sugjest another Christian series that is your girls would enjoy as well, the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black are Bible stories written in a medival story form. They have questions in the back along with and Bible referances.

  14. Rebecca,

    I was coming back to this post to link it on my blog and was looking at your scripture verse over your mantel. LOVE IT! I painted Galatians 5:22-23 around the soffit in my kitchen.

  15. Hi Rebecca, Just found your blog and fell in love. I homeschool my two kids too and already had the body book you are working through but didn't get to it yet. Now I'm excited to get started and just in time for the end of the year! Btw, is your brother in law Barry? We go to Jenness Park every year for the homeschool camp and can't reccommend it enough! Fellowship with likeminded people is refreshing and stimulating! Thanks for the post!