Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from Camp!

Happy Sarah in her camp t-shirt.

And we're back! Our family has been spending much of our time recently preparing for and attending a fantastic Homeschool Family Camp at Jenness Park. This years guest speaker was from the popular apologetics ministry, Answers in Genesis.

Dr. Tommy Mitchell- was not only an engaging and dynamic speaker, but a genuinely humble man we instantly admired. He took time over the four days to lay out the truth of God's Word, Science, the fossil record and Noah's flood in a way that kept all of us captivated.

In an age when Genesis is continually under attack, this was such a timely message.

All five of our kiddos with respected teacher Dr. Tommy Mitchell of Answers in Genesis.

Campers observing a "Flood in a Jar" - demonstrating how land layers are laid down and fossils are formed. The catastrophe of a worldwide flood may explain many popular landforms and fossils, such as the Grand Canyon and the trees at Yellowstone.

Is Genesis really important to our daily lives? The reality is, much of today's public debate is found right there at the very start of God's Word.

  • Where is marriage defined? God said it was not good for man to be alone so He created woman to be man's mate~ Genesis 2.
  • Where do we discover how life began? In the beginning, God~ Genesis 1.
  • Where are we told about sin- where did it come from? Genesis 3.
  • What about explaining the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and the fossil record? Catastrophe~ Genesis 7.

A mom and son explore the Fossil Discovery Station, which explained how fossils are formed and what comprises the fossil record. Camp attendees were even able to handle a real fossilized potato.

A few weeks ago my sister and I were talking with a neighbor (who also happens to be a secular public school science teacher) about various topics- including how things in our experience, such as language, seem to "wind down" and become less complex rather than grow in complexity as one might expect in an evolutionary model. She agreed that things do appear to be loosing information rather than gaining information- which she added- is what the scientific community is now finding and documenting.

When I began to talk to her about a literal six day creation model she told me that she didn't need to believe in six literal days because a Christian friend of hers told her that the Bible may not really mean six literal days. It could really mean a very long time instead because there are verses about a day being like a thousand years to God.

I shared with her that while it is true that there are passages of Scripture that state a day is like a thousand years to God, that is not the language God chose for Genesis. When it says "evening and morning" were the first day, the second day and so on, He's explaining that these were literal days.

The Wintons did such an amazing job leading worship and blessing those in attendance.
They are our very favorite band. Period.

By the way, in Genesis God also used the Hebrew word:
YOM with the words evening and morning- which always mean a literal day. In other words, God did not leave the creation week to our imagination.

My sister's cute family.

I thought it was odd that a Christian had encouraged my neighbor not to believe the creation account - then, yesterday my oldest daughter pointed this out to me- from the commentary "help" of the NIV Life Application Study Bible (Tyndale House and Zondervan):

"How long did it take God to create the world? There are two basic views about the days of creation: (1) each day was a literal 24-hour period; (2) each day represents an indefinite period of time (even millions of years). The Bible does not say how long these time periods were. The real question, however, is not how long God took, but how he did it."
Page 5, 1:3-2:7

Huh? The Bible commentary tells it's reader that the Bible doesn't say how long it took to create the earth... and then infers it's not really very important anyway?

Huh? Fun cousins. They always have a great time together. Lots of sillies.

Oh my! Tell me that I am not just being picky here- shouldn't we be concerned when the folks writing the notes for one of the most popular Bibles in our country won't clearly and boldly proclaim a literal six day creation teaching?

It got me thinking... fuming... whatever- Why is it that we Christians so readily bow the knee to "Millions of Years" molecules to man Evolution? I think it is largely in part to the simple fact that we forget that Science must be:

1. Testable, 2. Observable and 3. Repeatable.

We see so much around us that proclaims man's "wisdom" that we forget evolution is simply a theory- and one that goes against basic scientific law (such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics).

It is not science. The truth is:

Medicine is a product of Science.
Space shuttles are a product of Science.
It is a belief.

There was a time when our girls would hear the word evolution and not even blink an eye. They didn't know the word- it simply wasn't a part of their reality. They spent most of their media time enjoying Moody Science videos. Now that they are getting older, we are seeking to equip them with more information that will enable them to boldly take on this well accepted falsehood.

Maybe you are doing the same- or maybe you are ready to start. Well, if you are still here sweetly reading my bit of a rant, I hope you will enjoy the following section that includes resources our family has enjoyed as we prepare to engage the world around us.

Richest blessings fellow warriors!




As they have gotten older, we've enjoyed these Family Night DVD's. (Great for all ages- but see editing notes below applicable titles):

Some editing/ muting may be required for limited immature humor.

Audio Programs. May require some "fast forward" editing; Intense, but highly equipping. A side note- Jonathan is educated outside the home in set 1 but becomes homeschooled in set 2; some people completely skip 'Mystery at McBain Manor' on set 2

For olders and adults- check out the AIG Clearance section for significantly reduced prices on their fantastic magazines (as low as $1.99 each- a really great deal!).

And Demolishing Strongholds. A helpful in preparing to engage the culture. Some editing may be required.

And just as a helpful tip:

When shopping the AIG website for DVD's- the covers with a very plain look to them like the one below, are college level lectures and semi-technical, not really family night material unless you have much older children.

Also remember there are always FREE resources out there.

Answers in Genesis (AIG) has many articles as well as video clips available for free! They are sorted by topic so you could study them subject by subject- maybe print out a few articles, have an older child to read them and write a report with their findings. Just think of it- free high quality Christian Science material for months!
Topics we've enjoyed researching include: How Long does it take to make a Fossil? Why do People From Different Geographical Areas have Different Skin Color? Why does the Almond Eye look different than other eyes? What did Mt. St. Helen's teach us about the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park? Is Natural Selection Evolution? Were dragons really dinosaurs?

All the information to answer these and questions and more is available on the website.

And don't forget to check out the free Unwrapping the Pharaohs video clips. We loved them!


  1. neat. that's cool that ya'll got to go with family. it makes it so encouraging when whole families are seeking after the Lord.

  2. ..and you are our favorite home school blogger! :o) See you soon, great post full of encouraging information. Well done, Rebecca. Hope the girls are all on the mend.

  3. Glad you all had such a great time at camp. It sounds like your time was very profitable.

    As a side note, concerning your observations about the commentary in the Bible your daughter discovered, this is exactly why I stopped buying/using Bibles with commentaries in them. A Bible I'd used for years had some, shall we say interesting, commentary on what Paul taught about marriage.

  4. Amen Shelby- This is another thing I appreciate about the annual Spring Homeschool Camp. It is all geared toward keeping the family together, not pulling it apart. Love things like that!

    Hi Lisa, Thank you my friend. You too! I hope you are feeling up to doing all that needs to be done this week. Look forward to seeing you real soon!

    Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much. We couldn't have done it without help from your family. Thanks so much for serving us!

    Now you've got me curious about what you read. Good idea- we have trusted commentaries on the bookshelf. In hindsight I think I should have figured by the very fact that it is so mainstream... expensive lesson learned. : )

  5. Another Biblical argument for a six DAY Creation... When did Death enter the world? Not until AFTER Adam and Eve sinned! A million years worth of animals would have eaten every last vestige of vegetation in no time. Not to mention the amount of insects there would have been! And how exactly does "survival of the fittest" work when nothing dies?

  6. Great post! I would have loved our family to attend that camp.

    I am daily learning to be more and more discerning with what our children watch/read, etc. It is often discouraging to see even "Christian" resources that are questionable out there.

    I wish we had more family that saw the Truth in Genesis...but too many have swallowed the "millions of years" idea. This is very hard when we have very bold children...and very bold family that don't believe the way we do :-/

    Thanks for your list of resources!

    Lots of love,

  7. Yes! We just attended a conference last weekend that had Ken Ham as the keynote speaker. It completely rocked our worldview. We were surprised, as conservative Christians we felt we understood the truth of Genesis. However, after hearing from Ken Ham we have realized areas in which we were not holding firmly to the foundational truth as if some of the minor points were not as important. We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn some of the things you have pointed out in this post.

    How fun to be in similar place. And how thankful to have a God who is continually teaching us!

  8. Dear Sommer-

    I wish you could have been there too. Do you think you guys could come to the next one? It is already being planned! The speaker will be from Voice of the Martyrs ( We'd love to see you there!

    Yes- I hear you. We have very outgoing children as well and some extended family that are unbelievers. That can be (and has been in the past) a challenge. In fact, as our children gain more preparedness, they have expressed a desire to debate these older family members. We have decided that is not something we are going to do at this stage.

    Luke 2:46: "After three days they found him (Jesus) in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions."

    Jesus asked questions at 12 (of the religious leaders- not the pagans), but waited until the age of 30 to begin His earthly ministry. While that doesn't mean our children will wait until they are 30 to take on these issues in the culture, we feel that it might be a good idea to wait a few more years until that age gap becomes a bit more appropriate and they become a bit more mature. : )

    Blessings to you sister!

  9. Hello Amy-

    Praise God! That is wonderful! So often as we dig into new areas of study (astronomy, history, archeology, geology etc.) we find that the evidence has simply been suppressed in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18). As we uncover the truth- our faith continues to be encouraged.


  10. I'd love to consider coming to your next camp! If you get the chance let me know the details and perhaps it will be something we can do :-)

    I think you are wise in waiting some time before allowing your daughters to take on a debate like that. We haven't had our kids ask to do such, but Fiona(my eldest) is very passionate about her views on creation, dinosaurs and the like...I have often had to remind her to be more gentle in her responses to those that may not believe like her. Laying the foundation for our children is essential and teaching them how to do these things in love is also important. I'm sure our daughters would enjoy each others conversations :-)

    I pray our children will be wonderful lights for Christ as they mature in their ability to take on these important issues. May we both be good examples!

    Lots of love,

  11. I always enjoy your pictures and post.

    Looks like a fabulous time!

    You recently answered one of my questions about SWR. I wanted to make sure I said, "Thank You".

  12. Thanks for all the information! I will have to check out some of the videos for family viewing, too.

  13. Yes Sommer- I think you are right. Our girls would probably have a lot of fun "preaching to the choir." ; )

    Hello Beloved's Bride Carmen! Thank you. Oh good- I'm glad you checked in!

    You're welcome Candice! Good hearing from you!

  14. Rebecca,
    How is it that I never see your posts for a week or so after they come up?! They are so welcome, I love them. :)
    Wow, amazing timing here. I have just been with my family for the weekend and these very debates were happening all around me..... so hard. I am with you, and teaching my children in the literal truth of the 6-day creation. So nice to read your story, and feel encouraged in this!
    BLessings, Saminda xo