Saturday, July 3, 2010


Thanks to friends like you, the Riverbend Ranch Charity Carnival was able to give over $20,000 to Drawn from Water to save children who would otherwise be killed!

Meet Hennah, the first little one to make it here to the States. At about two years old, she would have been killed by her tribe... because her top teeth came in before her bottom teeth.

The money Drawn from Water receives pays for the feeding and care of children who have been rescued as well as the transportation costs involved in rescuing additional children from drowning. Without the funds to get to the children, they simply cannot save them.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve with the Kjeldgaards each year. Lisa and Eric are a real inspiration.

Our girls decorated cakes for the cake walk.

Friends manned carnival booths.

Online friends became in person friends.

Sweet little ones took time to craft and paint at our booth.

And we all had a great day!

If you weren't able to come out this year, please plan to join us next time!

Blessings to you!

If you'd still like the opportunity to help Drawn from Water, you can donate here.


  1. Wow! God surely provides! What a beautiful ministry too. Thanks for sharing!

    Maybe next year we will come out :-)

    Lots of love,

  2. Beautiful Pictures! It was a very fun carnival!!!

    Love you!

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I was telling my husband last week how awesome this would be to do in our area! I think this is just a really neat opportunity for families who are unable to travel to do missions work. There are still great opportunities to raise funding to help those who are there already serving! Amen!!

  4. I will definitely be there next year!!! Thank you for the pictures.

  5. Great photos especially the little ones painting!!