Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Halls are all Un-decked!

I was probably the last person out there to put away my Christmas decorations. Why do I think this? Because I put them away today. I am not sure why I waited, but the twinkly lights seemed so cheery and outside seemed so dark.

But then we had a little sun and I suppose I perked up and decided that I could put some of that cheer away. And it felt good.

Another thing I am likely the last person out there to do- I just donated all my VHS tapes (well, almost all). Our VCR finally kicked the bucket and what do you know, without all those VCR tapes in my buffet- that we really weren't watching anyway- I have more room for serving dishes. Smile.

I've been feeling a little creative- maybe it comes from being inside so much. So when the girls received new blankets with the Christmas money we were gifted, I thought we just might be able to tie them in with a few simple silhouettes painted on the walls. I drew the designs on the wall, got buy in from the girls and went to work.

With the Christmas activities behind us, we are back to our regular evening schedule- a Bible story and book reading with the little girls, followed by a richer Bible Study with the older girls.

I love finding new ways to use these IKEA magnetic boards. I posted some words up for Lydia and gave her a tub of letters and she has been making different words for the past couple of days. She loves using real words and it keeps her from just throwing a bunch of letters up and asking, "What does this spell?"

Free reading continues to include a lot of the Kingdom and Knight series books by Chuck Black. In fact, Faith often reads aloud to all of us...

when she isn't baking up some wonderful treat. She is just too good at baking. I don't want to say how many of these cookies I ate today.

As I mentioned, the sun has been visiting us. The girls were so excited, they asked to bring their school work outside to enjoy it!

It made us all downright cheery!

Since I was changing things around, I decided to update the blog header as well. What do you think?

May you have a lovely Christ filled day!


  1. What do I think???? I think I want to be you when I grow up. Rebecca, your blog is inspiring, your family is beautiful and it makes me smile everytime I read it.
    Be blessed,

  2. Your header looks BEAUTIFUL(how could it not with those sweet smiling faces?)!
    I saw your title and stopped by to tell you that, though I've been "working" at getting the Christmas stuff put away for three weeks, I still have one huge tree and a wreath to finish. So you're not quite the last one.:)
    Beautiful photos--love the kids' room!

  3. I LOVE the new header1 The site looks great.Isn't it nice to settle back in to a "regular" routine?

  4. Ah, the sun does feel good, and giving us some extra cheer too!

    I love what you did with the girls' room! So cute! So is the blog header!

  5. Ahh T-shirts!! So nice! Send the sun this way! Banner looks good. ;-)
    So funny about the VCR tapes. I have a whole box of them downstairs just sitting there.. I think its time to declutter as well.

    Lydia is on my heart. When I read your little note about Lydia it hit home. Little Kara has had some tremors on and off for about 6 months now. We are going back and forth about taking her to Hopkins or not. Just keeping a log of sorts and watching and waiting. I know there is not much you can do for seizures so we pray because God is our only hope!
    While we wait with you soak up the Son..

  6. I really like your new header...I thoroughly enjoyed the latest post!! Have a blessed week.

  7. All the pictures are great and what a fun looking time it is buzzing in your home.

  8. Thank you ladies-- you are the BEST!

    Kelly, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Lyddie has been doing well the past week, but we do have a Neurology appointment coming up. God's sovereignty is a great comfort to me-- and I am sure to you as well. We will pray for you and for your little Kara- that God will grant you wisdom, His peace and that if be His will that she will be healed of what is causing the tremors. Things out of the ordinary can be so scary to us, but God is not taken by surprise. He is somehow working all things together for our good.

    God is good-- every day my friends.

  9. Testing. One, two,three....
    you inspired me. Dug out the VHS's today. Kept only a selct few. Added that to the games I had for Hospice and dropped them off. Alll over the pavement when I opened the back of the car. The guy was not amused. Cute, cute header!

  10. Love the blog header! And the pic of the girls looking down.
    I think you just inspred me to get rid of the VHS tapes. Well most of them. We still have one vcr that keeps on spinning. (I secretly wish it would just give up.) Hugs!

  11. Your blog header is beautiful Rebecca, as is your blog, and your family. :D Thank you for posting, I always look forward to your posts!! xxx

  12. Dana- You made me laugh with that. I could picture the scene. Thank you for all your help. I so appreciate you!!!

    Thank you Saminda. You are always such a blessing. :)

  13. Beautiful pics and post, as usual Rebecca;)

    I still have Christmas decorations up... I love the collection of stockings along the mantle and the Christmas mantle... they'll be making the way into the attic this weekend :(

    And I loved the Word Wall sheets:) I have some kiddies at that level and they'd something like that as well:)

  14. Hey look at that! I posted. Twice! Kind of like being followed. Twice! :0)

  15. I'm afraid I still have most of our Christmas decorations out...too lazy to get to it and it looks so nice :-)

    I love the art on the walls! I wish I could figure out a better way to arrange my girls' looks like a tornado hit it...several times ;-)

    Sorry we didn't see you this last Sunday! Hope you are well.

    Lots of love,

  16. Ok- you ladies are making me feel MUCH better about taking so long in getting the decorations down. : ) I was sure I was the only one! So nice to have company.

    Oh yes Sommer- Tornado alley. We all relate to that. I find that I use a lot of tubs (with lids) in the girl's closet- and still... some areas just need to be reorganized over and over again.

    Love Proverbs 14:4 Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

    Where no children are, the house is clean, but much there is much increase by their eventual help and strength!

    Thank you for missing me. I was not feeling well this past weekend. Hope you saw Tom and the girls.

    D- :D

  17. These are amazing photos Rebecca! Your kids are growing up so fast!

  18. Header looks wonderful as always!

    It is nice to have cheery warm lights up during the dark cold weather. Next time around I hope to have them up in October.

    Thanks for being an inspiration, I love the leadership qualities God has gifted you with!

    Love in Christ,
    Cathy Craig

  19. Thank you DLJ. :) I am playing with a new flash (SB-600) I received for Christmas. Lots of fun.

    Thank you sweet Cathy! I love you!

  20. Okay, can you just come over and decorate my house for me? Yours looks so nice, clean, inviting, fun!

    I've spent too much time on your blog already! :o)