Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lindsey and Thomas

LINDSEY AND THOMAS I was so excited for the recent opportunity to capture the wedding of two amazing people. It was difficult to narrow down the images to the few here. Both families were so very photogenic.

Lindsey was a gorgeous bride- inside and out. As I zipped around taking pre-wedding photos of her dress, the rings and so on, I heard her putting other people at ease and making sure that everyone felt comfortable and relaxed.

Lindsey was surrounded by her close knit family; her parents, sisters and her soon to be sisters in law for a very intimate family wedding. She wore the pearls that had been worn for generations before her and selected very classic and lovely elements for her day- generous daffodil bouquets, black and white toile bridesmaids dresses and a custom made gown created by her grandmother who is also a very talented seamstress.

Both families are very well loved and respected members of our church and demonstrated a lovely courtship. I was thankful our girls had the opportunity to witness their example and again feel so blessed to be in a community of such committed believers.

As the start of a new tradition Lindsey's dad, Carl, carried a family Bible with him down the isle. It was passed to our pastor who gave the charge to this young couple and then handed it to Thomas to signify the passing of the spiritual headship to his charge. Their wedding will be the first logged in this family bible.

The second kiss- just after they came down the isle as husband and wife. One of my favorite images.

The location of their reception had these gorgeous arches. I loved how they framed and captured their classic style.

We are so very happy for you Lindsey and Thomas and so blessed that we were able to be a small part of your lovely day!



  1. Oh, what a special, sweet time to have shared with them! Thank you for showing US.
    It is such a blessing to see young people arrive at marriage in a God-honoring way.

  2. Gorgeous. I love the way her father passed over headship. How God-honouring! Thank-you for sharing.

  3. Such beautiful pictures Rebecca. :) And I really love the daffodils.

  4. What a beautiful, SIMPLE looking wedding! There is so much beauty in simplicity and the wedding focus shouldn't be on the extras, but on the uniting of two souls for eternity. And did I recognize a McDonald daughter?

  5. Beautiful photographs! ~D.C.

  6. April- You are so right! There are times we are tempted to think that we live simply to ourselves, but our example does impact those around us. We are so thankful for the fantastic example of Lindsey, Thomas and their families.

    Amanda- Wasn't that a great idea? It was lovely. And their family didn't sign a guest book simply as guests. Instead they signed as witnesses to their covenant following the ceremony. The guest book was set up on a table with their new family Bible.

    Thanks Saminda! Weren't yellow daffodils the perfect touch the with black and white color scheme? I loved them too! Friends of the family brought huge matching pots filled with just daffodils to flank the entry doors.

    Anita- I completely agree. It was refreshing. Yes- you recognized Tiffany who is married to Thomas' brother Ben. She is a talented seamstress herself and created the lovely maternity bridesmaids dress she is wearing. We have been blessed getting to know Tiffany. She is a gracious lady.

    Thank DC! I love you Sissy! : )

  7. Beautiful photos! Beautiful couple (inside and out)!

  8. Wonderful! I loved hearing how Lindsey made everyone else feel at ease on her wedding day. I was so in the mode of everyone serving me on my wedding day. So beautiful to see this new generation a product of the fruit of their faithful parents, and most importantly our faithful God!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Their example for their intimate wedding day will be something to ponder as my children grow older.

  10. Rebekah, These photos of this precious wedding almost make me cry. To see a wedding party dressing modestly in this day when it is so very unpopular, and one has to look far and wide to have modest, but lovely dresses, is a blessing to behold! My girls and I are marveling at the photos of this pure, beautiful bride and dreaming of someday our family having a wedding like this one.

    I would love to someday meet this family, thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

    love, Susie, Abbey, Lydia, and Emily Rasmussen

  11. You know it Cheryl! : )

    I hear you Lizzie. When we first began worshiping with this amazing group- five years ago- weddings seemed so far away. But the years have really flown by. It is such a joy to see these families stick to the convictions they had from the start- and see that their children have embraced not only the God of their fathers, but the values and convictions of their fathers as well. You know that it demonstrates a much stronger family bond to go against the culture than to float along with it. Love you!

    kymk99- Isn't it refreshing? Why do we spend so much money on weddings? Ironically, it can take away from the meaningfulness of the day rather than add to it. Blessings to you!

    Susie, Abbey, Lydia and Emily- I know just what you are saying. I am so glad you were blessed by seeing these photos. I cannot wait to see these kind of photos of you girls some day! Yes, you will have to meet these families the next time you come to California. Also, we know a sweet family who is moving to Tucson in September. We need to have you meet them too. Love you!