Thursday, September 29, 2011


Have I been a little quiet? 

It seems in the midst of doctor appointments for Lydia*, home schooling and regular life, the seasons have changed.  Fall has arrived on quiet feet. 

And, truly I welcome it's effects.  It invites us to don a cute sweater; say yes to making an indoor fort out of sheets; to cuddle up with a good book and even look forward to the prospects of eating homemade pancakes by the fire (the girls tell me that some of their best memories have been on cold days with homemade pancakes in front of the fire and books read aloud.  It's always the simple things, isn't it?)

Faith smiling at her daddy.

For our family, the seasons have changed in another way as well.  After five years of needing to work a night shift, Tom has been able to switch to a day schedule. 

That means I now wake up at 4 am to make his breakfast, coffee and pack his lunch- which I love.  Would you believe it?  It turns out I am really a morning person.  It also means that he is not rushed to squeeze in Bible before he needs to leave for work; he is home in the evenings to play Loving Family with the girls- which they love; and this Friday when we have a party to attend- I have a date and won't be going solo! 

Yes, sometimes change is good.


The BBQ King strikes again.

As our minds begin to think about celebrating the harvest and a big meal of Thanksgiving we think a lot about food.  

I am reminded that in Scripture we are told if we love our Lord, we will feed His sheep (John 21:15-17). 

Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him three times, and in response to Peter's affirmative and eventually troubled reply- the Lord commanded that if Peter loved Him, he was to feed His sheep.

How are we doing feeding the sheep in our homes?


A cheery little scarecrow welcomes us home.

Years ago when my step-mother was diagnosed with breast cancer I began to read and study about the disease. 

Do you know that most people who die with cancer don't die from cancer itself?  They die from malnutrition. 

I remember sitting with her at the convalescent hospital near the end when a nurse delivered a tray of food.  "Pat-pat"  I encouraged her "please try to eat a little."  She was uninterested. 

The food was right there. 

I was willing to help. 

But she would not eat. 

Sadly, she did not live much longer.

Is it really pumpkin season again?

Without spiritual nouishment our children have little hope of survival in this world.  They will waste away while Bibles in our own language gather dust on the shelves. 

 The food is there- we must feed Christ's sheep. 

In our children's case we actually have control over what they eat both physically and spiritually.  Scripture memory, meditating on God's Word day and night (Joshua 1:8) and our excitement for the Word and it's application to every area of our lives cannot be underestimated. 

Yes, salvation is of the Lord and yet He gives us verse after verse that indicate that we must know His Word.  Scripture is profitable for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17); from His mouth come wisdom, knowledge and unserstanding (Proverbs 2:6-9); and by hiding His Word in our hearts we are kept from sinning against Him (Psalm 119:105).  It is a combination of meditation, application and work by the Holy Spirit.

Rich warm colors replace casual cool ones.

I appreciated this quote by John MacArthur:

"Godly character is not the result
of good intentions, wishful thinking,
some mystical 'zap,' or even sheer
Bible knowledge. 

It's developed through the self disciplined
application of God's Word at a very basic
level, enabled and powered by God's Spirit."


May we feed His Sheep, teach them to apply God's Word to every area of life, pray for them diligently and trust God's Spirit for the rest.


Time with my sisters- left to right:  Dale, Me, Elizabeth.

Fall blessings to you!


*For those of you praying for Lydia- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! She had significantly fewer seizures this month (4 vs. 11 last month).


  1. My friend Lisa shared this quote today on Facebook:

    "Fill their minds with Scripture. Let the Word dwell in them richly. Give them the Bible, the whole Bible, even while they are young.”
    ~J.C. Ryle


  2. Dearest Rebecca! How I miss you! It is so nice to read your words, always filled with grace and with encouragement. The Lord surely uses you to speak in my life. I am convicted and yet struggle with changing what needs changing so that I can present a good example to my darling children. I fall short, but seem to be struggling with taking the right steps. Lord help me and thank you for putting Godly words and friends before me.

    I am glad to hear that Tom has a day schedule now! How lovely. I totally know how it feels to watch our husbands rush to spend the right time with family(Bible, fun, etc.) before rushing off to get ready for work and leave! May it be a good change indeed for you all :-)

    I am also thrilled to hear that Lydia has done a bit better this last month and I will keep on praying for her and you all!

    Lots of love,

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. My husband and I were just talking about this the other night. It was hinted at that I 'beat the kids over the head with the Bible." We concluded that maybe I am, but in a sense isn't that what we are commanded to do in Deuteronomy 11?

  4. Oh, and I am so glad to hear about Lydia!

  5. Sommer-

    Hello dear friend! I miss you and your sweet family! I hope we can set a time to connect in person soon. Please tell me you will be at the Reformation celebration.

    Yes-- amen! It is a struggle. I fall short, I repent; I fall short, I repent... you get the picture. I am continually awakened to my failings and turning to the Lord for help.

    As I question parents of older children and search the Word I am ever convinced that if I will keep my children's hearts and see them come to serve Christ it will be by God's power through His Word:

    "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." -Romans 10:17

    "From infancy you have known the holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus." -2 Timothy 3:15

    Hearing the Scripture and Scripture memory seem to have a profound effect on the soul.

    May God help us all to see clearly through the busyness of life and grab hold of the important and eternal.

    Love and prayers.

  6. Hello dear Margaret!

    Ha! It can be tough in implementation, can't it? You're right. We need to do it, but we don't want to feel like we are wacking.

    You have also heard the addage that we can lead a horse to water... and while we may not be able to force a horse a drink, we can certainly salt the oats. ;)

    I look for ways to make learning and remembering God's Word fun. And trust me- I am not always fun. But if things are dragging I look for ways to liven them up. This may be a post in itself...

    For example- and you may already do this- if I want the kids to memorize verses I may create a simple chart listing 9 or 10 verses we want to memorize. They earn stickers for each one and a prize at the end.

    That way I'm not chasing them around, they are asking me to stop and hear their verses. Their prize is in mind... and so is mine. ;)

    Love to you sweet friend!

  7. Glad to hear Lydia did so much better this month!

  8. As usual, Rebecca, you hit exactly what I needed to hear with your post today.
    We are in a season of change here too~hoping we can honor the Lord better in our midst.

    So glad to hear Lydia is doing better.

  9. Hi Rebecca!

    Thanks for your response which is just as encouraging as your original post :-)

    I have thought about whether to go to the Reformation celebration or not. I'd like to but I think it will end up being just me and the kids. And honestly that is a daunting thought. I'd love to do it. So I just might. I'll have to look back at the email from Steve and see the time and such. Are you all coming? That would make it all the more worth it :-)

    Lots of love my friend,

  10. Thank you April and Javert03! Lydia needs more blood work done soon. So our next prayer is for wisdom and for peace for her. It is easy to grow weary and overwhelmed with needles and doctors when you are six... : )

    Yes- April. Our prayer too. : )

    Sommer- Yes! We are planning to be there. I hope you can make it my friend! : )

  11. Loved this post, as I love all of them, Rebecca! This is a new season for our family as you know, and I'm glad that our new season is beginning with the fall. A blessed time of quiet and rest and preparation for Thanksgiving. Looking forward tomorrow as I'd planned to beginning a renewed season of regular, scheduled daily life as a family. Thank you for your friendship, we need a chat very soon!


  12. Thank you Lisa- bosom friend! ;)

    I can only imagine how sweet this time of schedule will be for you after your music tour and film making schedule. Looking forward to connecting and seeing your new film, Rescued!