Friday, April 20, 2012

EASTER {in photos}

"He is also able to save to the uttermost
those who come to God through Him,
since He always lives to make intercession
for them."

-Hebrews 7:25

We were blessed that our family could join us for a simple Easter Sunday in our back yard.

Grammie had the ingenious idea to hide a few of the little one's eggs on her lap so that she could collect kisses
during the hunt.  It worked perfectly!

Cousins and siblings helped one another find their eggs since we always have an even amount designated with
their initials.  My neice Mercy (left) and our Hailey (right) collecting eggs.

Uncle Jon- our resident tall guy- challenged the kids with some eggs way up high this year. 
My sweet neice, Katelyn, takes her turn at trying to get one of those eggs down from its perch!

Faith prepared the Resurrection eggs this year and Tom led the group.  The kids took turns
guessing what each little item symbolized- a donkey, a cup, 3 dimes, a thorn and so on--
eventually an empty egg. 

The cross, resurrection eggs, the newfound faith of my own mom when I was young come
back to remind me of so many Easters spent just like this.  I told the kids to greet Grammie
in the morning with "He is risen!"  Knowing just what she would say in return- 
"He is risen indeed!" 

Self serve drinks- lemonade is a special treat around here.

Before our guests left, our girls sang and signed the hymn "It is Well."  To see visually "my sin, not in part but the whole
was nailed to the cross and I bear it no more..." just makes my eyes water everytime.  I really should video tape this.

He is risen my friends!


  1. Looks like a blessed Easter celebration! I especially love that last picture, that is my favorite hymn!

  2. What a lovely celebration! And I would LOVE to see your girls sing/sign this song. Miss you my dear. How is Miss Lydia doing these days? She is often on my mind.

    Lots of love,

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration that Sunday. Your girls looked so nice and color coordinated. I love the lemonade drink containers. We have seen them in adds but never been able to find one. Can you share with us where you got them. Love looking at the pictures! Blessings to you!!!!

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Joanna B- I know. It is amazing. I am sure you have heard the story behind it. A lovely example of the Lord providing the grace we need when we need it.

    Sommer- The girls shared it at church today and we were able to video record it! I'll upload it soon, Lord willing. It would be easy for your punkins to learn the signs. Lyddie has been doing well and has had another 2 weeks with no seizures. What a blessing that is to me. Thank you for asking.

    Missy- Those drink containers are from Costco and are less expensive than a lot we've seen- I think they were $20 with a $3 off rebate the week before Easter. I have always wanted to buy them but finally needed them for a church sponsored event and took the plunge! I have already used them twice and they are great. Just don't leave citrus (lemonade or OJ) in them very long or it may leave little marks on the acrylic- not too noticeable. Overall I like the acrylic better than glass though because it is light and easy to move and store.

    Blessings ladies!