Thursday, June 7, 2012

SPRINGTIME {just photos}

Spring just zipped by!   A few moments in photos...

She turned four.

We took her to a little zoo near home.

Hailey thought it was a pet store and wanted to bring home the Bald Eagle
and a little duck in the aviary.  :)

She turned fifteen.

Her birthday wish was to have her friends over to help
her make a movie based on the
Lamplighter book, Zuma and the Secret of Peru.

She has really great friends.

We love these folks.  :)

She turned 13.  Her birthday wish?  A violin (fiddle).

On her birthday we went to the park as a family.

Bubble master Lydia.

Also known as Strawberry Shortcake around here.  Five weeks and no seizures!

I had the opportunity to do some professional work.  A senior shoot
and an assist at an outdoor wedding.  Very fun.

Tom and I slipped away to Sonoma for an early anniversary trip.  The fancy restaurant was nice.

But our favorite spot was Kendall Jackson.  We had lunch on the front lawn on a couch under an umbrella.  Perfect.

See how it looks like we went into the mission?  Nope.  We were in a hurry so we walked the area with our coffees.

And now I feel caught up!

Blessings to you!

See you at SCOPE!


  1. Sounds like a very full spring! Happy Birthday to all your girls and Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!

  2. Hi Rebecca!

    Beautiful and fun! So happy Lydia has not had a seizure for five weeks! What do you think is the remedy?

    Love in Christ,

  3. This was lovely--I feel like I got to 'be there' a little bit seeing the photos! The yellow tunic that Lyddie has on blowing bubbles--did you make it? Adorable! I wish I took more photos...see you soon, Lord willing. :o) Also so thankful no seizures in 5 weeks! That is something to rejoice over!

  4. Sommer- Thank you dear! I hope we can see each other on the 24th!

    Cathy- Our only explanation is prayer. We have tried a great many things and when she is on the prayer list and people are praying she does great. When we take her off, she starts having seizures (previously we'd take her off if she went 2 weeks or so with no episodes). We are so thankful for the saints who lift her in prayer week after week and don't grow weary of caring for her in this way. :)

    We have had a lot of trial in our body- we are a newer church plant- and it seems there is something to pray about for just about every family in the body. It is said when you see a man go through trial, then you really know the man and I wonder at times if these trials and calls for prayer are something the Lord is allowing to bind us in love to one another in a faster and deeper way than would happen otherwise.

    Lisa- Thank you! That vintage looking tunic was something I found at the thrift store! I love finding unique items like that. I understand. If I had the talented Jesse around, I doubt I would take many photos either. :)

  5. Hi, Mrs. Jones! It's Kellie T. I can't believe it's been a year since our photo class last year! Your photos look great! Just stopping by and wanted to say hi! =)

    Grace and peace.

  6. Hi Kellie! Thanks for checking in. I just went to see your blog and loved it! You do an amazing job and I am glad to know where to find you. BTW- you can call me Rebecca now sweet girlie. :)