Thursday, October 25, 2012

LIVING RADICAL {biblically}

If there is anything that seems to earmark aspiring Christian leaders today, it is the desire to be radical.  

They want to overthrow the status quo and they are willing to do just about anything to keep their faith from appearing boring and stale. 

Afraid of 'religion' they want to be the ones to overthrow the money changers tables and shake awake the "frozen chosen."

And that is not necessarily bad. 

BEING RADICAL {biblically}

I mean, you and I want to live radically too, right?  And we desire to raise Daniels who purpose in their hearts not to defile themselves just because everyone else is (Daniel 1:8).  All this radical business can be a good thing.   

But we must recognise the difference between just seeking to look radical and true biblical radicalness.

As well intentioned as we are, it is easy to become addicted to the idea of "being radical for Jesus" rather than daily submitting ourselves to the mundane actions He may be calling us to.

What is radical living- really?  Can we expect God to call us to make whips and overturn the tables of money changers every day?  Well... Christ didn't. 

Being biblically radical means seeking the Father for our marching orders.  It means to submitting to His will daily.  Which may include a place in the spot light or it may be a million mundane tasks that no one ever sees.  But in all things, it means trusting the Master Designer Who is weaving all things together for His glory and our good. 

Being biblically radical means thinking the best of others.  God asks us to do our good deeds in secret and assume the best of those around us.  Are people around you not radical enough?  The radical thing is, believers doing good deeds secretly is the most radical of all.  Fearing God and not men is something we should assume of those around us.   

Being biblically radical means conforming our lives to Scripture.  As we make His Word our meditation, He transforms us by the renewing of our minds.  His word should radically impact everything we do-  the way we serve our husbands, the way we bite our tongue and keep from venting all of our feelings when we're angry, the way we train our children and the way we interact with people at the grocery store. 

Being biblically radical means to have our eye on love and reconciliation.  It is a radical thing to forgive.  The world is full of unforgiveness, but Christ said that we will be known by our love.  It is radical to stay in the same church year after year, submitting to leadership, confessing sin and forgiving one another.   It is radical to love the not so lovable among us- to learn to be patient and kind to those you don't "click" with.  And at times it means to suffer long. 

Being biblically radical means being faithful.  It means we are willing to stand alone in what we know God is calling us to do even when the world around us is doing something different.  It means staying faithful when we have every excuse to make every excuse.  To be a Daniel, a Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego who lived faithfully in a foreign land. 

We want a radical faith.  A radical testimony.  A radical walk.  But the truth is, being faithful is radical.  Seeking the Lord step by step and moment by moment is radical.

Faithfulness is radical.

Forgiveness is radical.

Real love is radical.

Let's not settle for anything less.


Sarah turned 11 yesterday!  Her celebration included a homemade fabric banner made by her Mama, donuts bought by her Pa and a homemade cake made by her big sister, Faith.  Her gifts included:  a homemade scarf, the 1952 Story of Robin Hood DVD, dolls, jewelry, a cowgirl hat and belt buckle, a stuffed animal kitty, dress up accessories, homemade cards and money from extended family.  :)


  1. Love, love, love this! Your posts are always so refreshing and heart stirring.

  2. Excellent! Always edified by your writing my friend!

    And Happy Birthday to Sarah! Brenna turned 10 on the 19th :-)

    Lots of love,

  3. Thank you! I NEEDED this encouragement today :)