Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FIELD TRIP {monterey bay aquarium}

Our Texas trip is only nine days away, but we couldn't miss Homeschool Day
at the aquarium.  Look at the cute fish we saw!

And the interesting long legged crabs!  Don't worry.  They didn't scare my little
nephew Judah one bit!  Yep-  he's the baby of the group.  :)
We were so glad that the jellyfish displays were open.  They are my favorite and this was the first time little
Hailey had seen them!
She was a little bit in wonder at the whole thing, but has already asked three
times if we can go back again!  I think she enjoyed it.  :)

The weather was just perfect.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Our almost 15 year old, Michaela soaking up
the sun, water and wildlife from the observation deck.  Love her gentle soul.

Our sweet Faithie used the experience to practice with her new camera--thank you,
Wintons!  Can't wait to see the footage. 

Fun little cousins had a blast.  From front to back:  our Lyddie (9), our Hailey (5)
and my niece Mercy (almost 8)
Don't let their calm look fool you.  This is what they were up to minutes before!
We found a quiet corner on the observation deck to do a few of these.

Love this darling picture of my sister, Elizabeth and my brother in law, Sven.  As I was going through the photos
I cracked up.  I noticed a slight difference in Sven's lips between this pic. and the one below. 
See what I see?  Besides my adorable brother in law and niece that is.  Yep, he got smooched and
I didn't even catch it when I took the previous picture.  You two love birds! 

The kids had so much fun at this water wall and exploring the aquarium.  And although
it was a little like herding cute kitty cats at times and we didn't seem to get very far, it was
a wonderfully full day!

The town was charming as always.  Loved this vantage to the water.  Goodbye, Monterey!
We're taking your cute tourists with us!  ;)

Great time. Now I really should be packing!
Blessings friends,


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  1. I miss that place, but I miss those faces even more!