Friday, February 7, 2014

TEA PARTY PHOTOS {a party by big girls for little girls}

Pink gingham and white tea pots.
Excited little girls.
Who couldn't wait for their friends to arrive!

Extra tea cups, just in case a little friend wasn't able to bring one.
Darling gumball favors for each place setting.  Thank you, Liz for getting these!

Vintage dresses, generously given to the older girls by friends. 
Thank you, Tolsons!  We love them!

Dear friends gathered.
Each girl took their place at the table to enjoy mini sandwiches, fruit and treats.

Big girls served the younger girls sweetly with food, games and prizes they
had planned.
Our sweet friend, Haley organized the day with cousin Katelyn
and our Faith.  Oh- and she made those amazing cookies.  So good.
Dear cousin, Katelyn with gluten free brownies she made for the day.
Our Sarah Mae helped with the tea pouring (well, apple juice).  :)

The girls played relays, balancing a plastic tea cup on their heads.

Had contests stacking sugar cubes.

Hunted for hidden tea cups in the yard.  I think Rebekah is ready to go!  ;)

They also made candy necklaces and decorated cupcakes like tea cups.  Aren't these darling?

Such a fun day!

Blessings to you!


My sisters (the proud aunties) started this fundraiser to get Faith to Texas!  We are beyond blessed. 

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos Rebecca. Looks like all had a wonderful time! Tea parties are close to my heart as our family business is vintage china hire and event styling so we always have lots of teacups and props to use for birthday parties.