Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Summer is so full of promise. 
We begin to harvest fresh veggies from the garden.  We feel the freedom to set aside some of the book work and get outside for some exploring.  We barbeque just about anything we can get our hands on-- meat, zucchinis, peaches because really everything just seems to taste better and more summery that way, right? 
S U M M E R !
But, can I be honest?  Summer is also a little stressful to me.  I mean there is so much we could be doing that I have this fear that I am going to miss something.  And of course, that will ruin everyone's childhood.  And it will be all my fault. 
Do you see varying lists everywhere entitled "The 120 Best Things to Do This Summer So That Your Kids Don't Grow up Deprived and Ruined."  Well, that last part may not be an actual article title, but it does seem to be implied.
This is NOT that post.   
The truth is, I can't do the 120 Best Things this summer.  I can't do the Best 100.  I probably can't even muster up the Best 50. 
This mama is going to chose to be happy with a handful of accomplishments that my kids help me dream up.  How about you? 

This is what we are trying this year-- A Summer Fun list.  It's basically just a bunch of sticky notes with handwritten ideas slapped onto our whiteboard.  It's things we want to do.  The ideas get added and swapped, like they swapped hiking for Thrifty Ice Cream-- no sweat off my brow (literally!).   
The girls are encouraged to add to the list as they think of new ideas.  The only thing I ask them to remember is that we have not won the lottery.  Enough said about that.
The list has actually grown quite a bit since this photo was taken.
The ever changing list includes:
Mama Read Aloud
Break dance/ Dance party
Rock Painting
Girlfriend Days
Water Gun Fight
Family Camp In
Thrify Ice Cream
Children's Museum
Eat Dinner Blindfolded
Go Out To Breakfast
S'Mores by Firepit
Go To The Beach
Tricycle Race
Park Days with Friends
Kayak on Lake
Explode Mentos in Diet Soda
Family Tea Party
Picnic at Park
Pixi Woods
We've just begun to tackle a few:
One of my favorite summer treats-- going for Thrify ice cream!
It used to be just 15 cents a scoop when I was a girl.  It's still a pretty good deal.
One of the girls favorites-- going out for breakfast.  Yes, we seem to like to eat.
But there is something about a stack
of pancakes and choice of syrups that seems bigger than life somehow.  Yum! 
Girlfriend days give the older girls the opportunity to visit with their special friends.
The first one included making homemade Frappuchino coffees and painting masterpieces together.
How are you going to keep it simple and fun this summer?
Happy Summer friends!


  1. While we're unpacking I'm keeping things simple. Kids get to go to VBS together at a trusted church; they get the fun and I get the some time to unpack. There are some $1 summer movies (1 1/2 hours of sitting mid-day, YAY!!!!!) and the kids will have fun in the fountain after the movie. Trips to the library and park are on our to-do list as well. Yep, simple summer it is...'cause nothing else is this summer. ;) I love the pictures of the girls they are all looking so grown up! Miss you friend!

  2. What fun ideas, Gabe!!! I hope you are enjoying your new place. I miss you too!!! xoxo

  3. Having a pool creates lots of instant summer fun, and our family reunion complete with three legged race and camping in the shadow of the mountains helped us check a bunch of stuff off our bucket list. I do tend to try and pack lots of projects and planning into summer and need to be careful that I am not always planning for projects with my children as opposed to actually doing projects with them!