Saturday, September 27, 2014

KEEPERS OF THE FAITH {girls group}

Look at all these sweet girls!

With back to school, a couple of my girlfriends and I decided that it would be fun to start a Keepers of the Faith group.  We loved the idea that we could work together once a month to train our girlies in a variety of skills and they could earn badges to share what they are learning.

Hailey painting her girl's group tote bag to carry her binder.

My dear friend, Lisa was the inspiration behind starting the group.  Thanks, Lis!

For our first meeting we sang together; worked on memorizing the Beatitudes (yep, that is a badge!), then divided the girls into two age groups. 
The younger girls worked on painting tote bags (to keep their Keepers Binders in) while the older girls learned about Home Decorating.  Then the older girls painted their bags while the little girls made their own hair bows. 
Our wonderful friend, Danielle with a couple of her little girls.
Our little niece, Mercy, age 8.

Finally, the younger children were read a passage from Little Women (chapter 11) about being content with their daily jobs while the older girls were taught a Photography skills class. 


Our dear Michaela, age 15.
In between classes, the girls had lunch together; worked on their Beatitudes passage and, once classes were done, had an afternoon snack and fellowship time.

Sweet girls working on memorizing the Beatitudes.
We decided that it would best meet the needs of our busy group to meet less often (once a month) for an entire day rather than try to meet weekly or biweekly for a shorter time. 
It seemed to work great and it's been so fun to see all the girls with their amazing tote bags and hair bows since then and hearing about the things they learned from the moms who were teaching those classes. 
Ellie's sweet tote.
If you aren't familiar with Keepers, I think one of it's strengths is that you can really customize your club in whatever way best suits your group (or family).  You can go with uniforms, or no uniforms.  Weekly meetings or monthly meetings.  With the pre-determined criteria for badges, or make your own.  It's really up to you!
Our schedule looked roughly like this:
10:00 -  Arrival and greeting time
10:30 -  Begin club meeting- greeting, memory verse, singing together, discussion of the day's plan
11:00 -  Session 1- Little girls paint canvas totes/ Older girls learn about Home Décor
12:00 -  Lunch break and clean up
1:00  -    Session 2- Little girls make their own hair bows/ Older girls paint canvas totes
2:00  -   Session 3- Little girls hear story about being content with their daily chores/ Older girls learn Photography skills
3:00  -   Snack time, clean up and fellowship
4:00  -   Depart for home
Badges worked on:  Beatitudes, Crafts, Home Décor and Photography
It was a full day and one we look forward to doing again soon!
Do you have plans to work with other families this year to encourage one another and work on skills?  I'd love to hear what you are doing!
Blessings friends,

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