Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CHRISTMAS {not according to plan}


I'll be honest, things did not go according to plan this Christmas. 

Well, maybe I should rephrase that.  Things did not go according to my plan this Christmas.  

I had so many lovely pinned and planned Christmas ideas that simply remained undone as I was unproductive and in bed sick with a terrible cold.

Even as I started to get better, my energy was sapped and my brain was foggy.

Like I said-- not my plan at all.  But God.  How good to know that He is in control over all things and working all things together for our good.


One of the few crafts attempted just a night or two before Christmas.  Seasonal "Chalk boards" made from 69 cent black poster boards and a chalk pen.  Now hang in my laundry room.

As I listened in on big girls working with little girls on Christmas projects without me, I was thankful that they had the opportunities to manage things that needed doing.

And as I recovered slowly, I found that I spent more time in the Word as I had little gumption to move.  Maybe there was a blessing even in that simple fact? 


Covering a paint plate in Saran Wrap is always step 1 around here.  Makes for quick and easy clean up when the troops are done. 
James says to "count it all joy" when we fall into various trials.  Whatever those trials are.  And David puts skin on the reason why in Psalm 27. 

Little girls kept busy post Thanksgiving making homemade wrapping paper from Dollar Store rolls of brown mailing paper and cut sponges.
Because when all is stripped away that would otherwise preoccupy us in happy distraction, trials make us single minded for God.
After David unfolded his trials (evil men advancing against him and foes attacking), his focus had become this:
"One thing I ask of the LORD,
this is what I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
and to seek Him in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4
One thing.  Single minded.  Fixed upon knowing the LORD now and in this life.
What is it to dwell in His house all the days of our life?  It is having that intimate knowing that only comes when we are living that closely with someone else.
Maybe our trials are not due to physical enemies-- usually our battles are not against flesh and blood.  Maybe our battle is spiritual, or with the flesh.
We all have them.    
But as much as I long to be single minded, I know that I also desire to avoid trial. 
"My heart says of You, 'Seek His face!'
Your face, LORD, I will seek"
~Psalm 27:8

My little napkin folder extraordinaire!
Our hearts tell us to seek His face, but trials seem to change our priorities.  "A little later" and "tomorrow" are not good enough when trials hit us.
Count it all joy.
Girls making food.  It all barely happened!

You have to love how David ends his Psalm.  Even in the throws of trouble, he knows he will see the goodness of the LORD, because he knows that he can trust God.

And he ends with an encouragement to us!

"Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD."
~Psalm 27:14  
Our ten minute photo session.  Photo snapped, cards ordered and some of them even sent out- all at the very last minute. 
Twice in verse 14 David, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, says, "wait" and it sounds to me like he is saying-- you have troubles?  Just you wait and see what God is about to do! 
Things are not going according to plan?
Your prospects seem bleak?
You are being attacked on every side?
Be strong and take heart!  Just you wait.  You are about to see what God will do on your behalf.


Life's not perfect.  And even our "perfect plans" are not perfect.  But GOD. 

I know He is working all things together for our good. 

Just you wait and see!




  1. What beautiful photographs of your family Rebecca. I really enjoy your blog and so glad I kept it on my reading list when I did an edit - mainly due to the fact that my time for writing and reading blogs has been so limited this past year. Sorry to hear you caught a cold. That's one of the things we tend to avoid with celebrating Christmas in summer but there is the heat and humidity to contend with. It was so humid here over Christmas we were all melting! it's a real energy zapper for sure. I could not have pulled off our Christmas plus a Silver Anniversary dinner without the help of my girls. You have given me an idea though - to add napkin folding to the list of things they need to learn - they like origami so I'm sure they would enjoy it! I finally managed to put up a blog post today. October was the last time I posted! I don't feel terribly guilty as I made the decision to put my blog right down the list of my priorities and somehow I kept to that but at the same time blogging has given me some sweet friends. I am even sending my daughter to two of those friends when she visits the USA and Canada in May! Such a reassurance to know she will be spending time with lovely Christian families who will look after her. I will look forward to reading your blog in 2015, can't believe how much your girls have grown and I now have hopes for a new family photo - in 10 minutes really! A plan to take a family photo for Christmas to send out in cards was one of my plans that did not go according to plan but now inspired to make it happen this year!

  2. Hello, Ann! How wonderful to hear from you! I agree, blogging has wonderful advantages, but at times needs to be put aside to meet the needs of the little ones in front of us. I think that is a wise choice! :) I love hearing your update and knowing how you are! I hope you have a very blessed New Year in 2015 and look forward to connecting with you as time permits. Blessings to you! Love, Rebecca