Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today is my mommy's 70th birthday!  There is no way that I can express adequate thanks for all that she has done for me or the positive impact she has been on my family, but on her birthday I wanted to express a few of the thank you's that are on my heart.

THANK YOU, MOMMY.  Thank you for always taking us to church.  Even when you had to take us alone. 

Thank you for teaching us how to make holidays feel special.  For remembering to include M&M candy canes in our stockings and for showing us that a little garnish can make things prettier. 

Thank you for teaching us that love is the thing.  That we will always have all that we need when we have each other.   

Thank you for always cheering on our children.  Whether it was their first jet ski ride or their first year in college.  You will never know how much your encouragement means to us.

Thank you for teaching us that a little poise and a fun spirit can take us far in life.  And not to run with scissors.  Thanks to you we never poked our eye out.  Not even once!


Thank you for being willing to love us while we were a work in progress.  And really, we still are.  Knowing that you care for us and pray for us every day is such a gift. 

Thank you for gingham tablecloths, for doll cakes and for back yard bar-b-ques.  We didn't have a lot of money but we always had a lot of love.

Thank you for remembering what it was like to be little.  For always sending our children cards for every birthday and holiday and for taking the time to get down on the floor to play a game with them. 

Thank you for always being a positive example to us in exercise.  When I was a girl I remember exercising with you to a record and going on walks.  Now my girls exercise with me to a DVD and go on walks as well.  We think of you often when we do.  

Thank you for so many life lessons that could only have been taught by you.  For being the prettiest room mother at school.  For driving me to Girl Scouts and for encouraging me to try out for the school plays.  For letting me be alone in my room with the music way too loud on hard days.  Thank you for believing in me; for always being my listening ear and for your tireless example of hard work and perseverance in Christ.  You really have been the best mom ever.

For all the millions and millions of thank you notes that should have been written, but will always be written in my heart.  Thank you!  I love you so very much, Mommy. 

I think you will agree, she is a pretty special lady.  Happy Birthday, Mommy!   


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  1. This is abeautiful post! I enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. You are truly blessed!