Friday, August 28, 2009

Celebrating Sister

Celebrating Sister with a birthday brunch.

Homemade decorations using tissue paper.

Collected wild flowers.

Michaela's hand painted place markers.

Gifts~ including many hand painted items by the kids. Faith selected the wooden "E" to paint for Auntie's office space; Michaela, Sarah and Lydia painted canvases for her school room.

A kids table created by Faith, wrapped with easel paper so the little ones could color at their seats.

Michaela putting on the finishing touches. I really couldn't do things like this without my girls. They add so much creativity and effort.

For brunch, I made one of Liz's favorites: Alice Springs Chicken with honey mustard dressing while Faith did all the baking~ double chocolate brownies with chocolate chips and peanut butter bars with melted chocolate. Yum.

Liz with her two oldest babes.

The best part? A day set aside to celebrate our precious gift~ Auntie Liz.



  1. This was beautiful. You all are so creative! We're so glad it was such a lovely celebration, how special.

    Love to You All,
    The Wintons

  2. A Happy Birthday for Liz! So Beautiful!
    And I spy a little lady wearing Mama's old black heals. :)

  3. Thanks Lisa! It was a lovely time. Did you see where I moved the table btw? I found it a new home!

    Hi D! Did you catch that? : ) I thought you and Liz would notice those heels. Sarah dressed up in a handed down, super fancy Easter dress for the occasion. Girlhood only lasts so long, right?


  4. I have been following your blog for about a year now and I get this overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility at your house, when I read what you write and look at your pictures.

    Do you have a lot of temper tantrums, battles of the will, messy hair - your girls hair always looks so cute!

    Just curious, because I have three little boys and I feel like a ring master herding wild cats most days!

    Happy Birthday to your sister - again beautiful pictures and lovely ideas.

  5. The pictures look so beautiful! It was a lovely time and I felt so celebrated! Thank you sister and my sweet lovely nieces!!!

    I love you!

    PS ~ Michaela looks so adorable in those shoes.

  6. Hi Kristen!

    I remember you! Thanks for saying hello!

    HA! Funny questions. Are you asking about me or the kids? *smile* Kidding.

    Temper Tantrums~ Yep, Hailey (age 16 months) does. We're working on that.

    Battles of the Will~ More battles of the flesh really. I try to keep it from being Mom vs. kid or kid vs. kid. We all have things we are working on. Learning to esteem others more highly than ourselves and to say the "nicest thing in the nicest way" are things we are focusing on right now... and to some degree will be the rest of our lives. : )

    Messy Hair~ absolutely. Girls like to re-do their hair mid-day~ especially if playing dress up. Sometimes all I can say is "Wow!"

    Feel like I'm herding cats? Sometimes. We work on that. As you know, there are times and places to blow of steam and times and places when that would be inappropriate.

    And then there are us mommies who just wish we had that much energy, right?

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi all,

    I know I just changed our banner, but the teal was just too much for me.

    Hope you like this new, new one. : )


  8. Hi Liz!

    How did I not see your comment? We are so glad you had a good time and felt celebrated.

    It was a lot of fun.

    We love you!

  9. Ha! She has boys and of course it feels like wild cats. Great description!

  10. Rebecca,
    I did notice the table, didn't know if it was moved there just for the party; it looks great! Can't wait to see how you've re-arranged.

    I like the new blog banner; cute!