Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yummy Iced Coffee

The week is winding down, ready for a fun treat?

I started making iced coffee as a way to use left over coffee, but now I'll brew a fresh pot of coffee just to make these afternoon treats for friends (I noticed there was one in the pictures from Liz's birthday lunch).

They've been a recent hit over here!


  • A glass of crushed ice
  • Almost equal amounts of coffee and half and half~ I usually just pour them into the glass at the same time~ adding a bit more coffee than cream)
  • A dash of Real Vanilla extract~ about a teaspoon
  • And a Tablespoon of sugar to sweeten

Serve with a straw so it can be stirred as needed.



  1. Yummy! i wish I could drink coffee still, but it does not agree with me! I still love the smell though. Amybe DH would love this! :)

  2. *smile*

    Maybe they will be fun "company coffee."

    Sometimes read aloud time in the afternoons are helped along with these treats over here.



  3. I love coffee, but am pregnant with twins so am super hot these days..this looks delicious. Am going to try asap! Have you ever thought to freeze leftover coffee to make your crushed ice with coffee so it doesn't water it down? Just wondering.. :)

  4. Hey, that's a great idea! Thanks. : )

  5. This is officially yummy!!!! I made some yesterday and took it out to my husband as he mowed our yard. He was tickled and so was I as I drank it inside with my 2 year old daughter. Also, I wanted to tell you that I made the Outback Steakhouse chicken this weekend for my in-laws. WHAT A hit!!! My husband told me this recipe was in the top 10. A definite make again. Please keep sharing these yummy recipes.


  6. Thanks Teri! So fun hearing you're enjoying them. Love that you brought one to your hubby while he was working outside. Sweet!