Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I typed out the above quote, printed it out and have it posted by my computer.

I love this reminder. I need this reminder. For some reason it is just too easy to lose perspective and spend time aiming toward the wrong goals.

Maybe it's planning for the new school year but somehow around this time each year I seem to find myself really thinking about my goals as a parent. And I have to ask myself: What are you aiming for? Happiness or holiness?

Not that we can't be happy. No way! We are called to be joyful! But what is our goal and where is true happiness found?

As we aim into the future, how do you see your spiritual condition- and your childrens- in 20 years with the course you are taking today? These are the thoughts that are always challenging me.

And I'll tell ya, knowing what is right isn't so hard. Following through- well that ain't easy!

I feel your pain. It's a struggle to do what we know to be right at times. To choose to deal head on with sin; to resist the urge to "credit card parent" and to seek to live a holy life. But maybe it's a lack of faith (speaking personally) or not really thinking through the fact that God wants my best and knows true happiness is found in holiness.


You've seen the Staples button- you can hear "that was easy" in your head. Isn't that marketing campaign brilliant- because in the hustle and bustle of life we are all in the search of easy, right?
What concerns me is that there are some things in parenting that seem easy for the moment... but are they really? Like:

It sounds easy- to buy into the philosophy that you have to choose your battles with your children. Why is it that...

I bet we won't regret- dealing with each issue? Taking the time and exerting the effort to help our children to see what is motivating their own hearts in negative situations; taking the time to pray and encourgage them that we are on their team and seeking to bring them to true repentance? I am a young-ish mom and have only one teenager, but I guess I believe that if we choose to take the time to show our children their sin, then maybe they will see their need for Christ.

God tells us that: "Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death." 2 Corinthians 7:10



I've shared in the past that I believe there is a danger in what I call "credit card parenting." Being too busy or simply putting off correcting our children (and boy is this a hard one for me at times!) racks up a debt we hope we will never have to pay.

It sounds easy- to look the other way when we see selfishness, bad attitudes, or have a child that seems to want to butt heads. So why is it that...

I bet we won't regret- taking the time to cool off. Praying with our spouse for the heart of our child. Going to our child with a spirit of grace, seeing ourselves on a rescue mission for their very souls and taking the time to woo and win them to God's best? How ever many times it takes... each week. : )



I know...

It sounds easy- to be just a little too tired to open God's Word or to choose to watch videos with our brains turned off. And please trust me when I say that when I point one finger out, I have four fingers pointing back at me!

My husband works nights. It is my job to be "the heavy;" to get everyone ready for bed and Bible. You don't know how lazy I would like to be. And sometimes am! But God... right? I really believe (and tell myself) that:

I bet we won't regret- reading God's Word with our children. His Word- even without commentary- is POWERFUL. So even if I could only read a bit in each day, I would trust that would have a significant impact on their souls. But I bet we also won't regret talking through the many issues and situations in our lives in light of God's Word; allowing them to see how His Word moves and motivates our lives and how it is the final authority for us.

It may seem off topic, but I hope you will humor me... I was thinking the other day about:


We always hear the verse:

"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one's youth."

~Psalm 127:4

And I think in our modern age, we might not really think about a warrior shaping and preparing an arrow for battle because if I needed an arrow, I'd drive to WalMart and buy one- done! I like instant (is there something faster than a microwave yet?!).

But as much as I wish it was, child training is just not instant.

Like the training of our children,
the process of building an arrow is
deliberate; time consuming and
must be done well before the time of battle.

A warrior preparing an arrow would scrape all the rough bark from each potential rod; knowing each one must be as straight as possible to be relied upon in battle.

Every arrow head would also need to be refined by rubbing and scraping it until it was transformed into a sharp point.

And then feathers would need to be added in just a way as to ensure straight flight.

The warrior must have a vision for the final product as he is preparing each one. And no... it wouldn't be instant.

I feel like there is something there to encourage my mind as I continue the arduous process of arrow building. And that maybe- parenting the easy way really might be to take the extra effort today.

May you be blessed my friends.

With love and effort in the Lord,


  1. Mmm...Good post! Emily over at The Family Way sent me over this way. I struggle so with being consistent in correction and discipline. Sometimes I just don't wanna! :) But, as one of my pastors said, we discipline in FAITH. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi Jenna- great to meet you!

    Oh, I hear you about not wanting to! Which is why Hebrews 12:11 has been a real encouragement to me in the past.

    I think your pastor is dead on with that. We trust God and discipline in faith!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Thank you Emily over at The Family Way (!

    How very kind of you! : )

  4. This is a great post - and just the encouragement that each of us mothers need as we plan the new school year for our children. There are so many more important things we teach them beyond our curriculum. Blessings to you!

  5. Thank you for your thoughts, scripture, and beautiful words this morning. Just what I needed, as I prayerfully plan our homeschooling journey for the coming year. =) Blessings & Hugs!

  6. Oh, Rebecca, I am so thankful the Lord led me to your blog quite some time ago. He ever uses you to show me things I might not even think of...convicting me and blessing me just when I need it!
    I have struggled with consistency and knowing how to best approach issues with my children. The hardest part has been to do it with gentleness and to do it using the Word as my base.
    As you know, my hubby also works nights and sleeps through the afternoon, so there is much I have to take on...and it is so easy to "let it go" or deal with things in a half-hearted way...but the long term effects of this worry me. Thanks for this post. I need to re-read it and pray on the areas I need work on!

    Lots of love,