Monday, April 21, 2008

Faithie turns 11


What an incredible blessing the Lord has provided for us in this precious girl. Our hearts are so grateful to Him for His abundant goodness.

We're celebrating today!!!

P.S. This adorable apron was created by our dear and precious friends, the Rasmussens. I hope to post more pictures of the incredible care package they sent to us. Wow~ we were completely overwhelmed by your generosity Rasmussen family! We have been greatly enjoying our gifts from you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Isn't she darling? She looks sweet enough to eat! May blessings abound in the coming year!!

  2. Thanks Kristi! And lest you think we baked those beautiful muffins ourselves, I'll admit that I crammed Costco muffins into our muffin tin for the photo. That's normal, right? : )