Friday, April 11, 2008

My sister, the superhero...

"Hey, Liz- how are you today?"

"Gooood... but you don't sound good."

"I'm feeling blah."

"This sounds like a job for a superhero~ I'm on the case!"


"You know, um, actually, my superhero outfit is in the wash right now. You think I can help without it?"

"Sure. You don't need an outfit."

"Great. Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you... I don't really have any super “powers” per se... I was planning to get some, but..."

"That's ok, I think you're making me feel better already. You think you and the kids can you go to Costco with us this afternoon?"

"Sure! Whatever you need!"

My sister... she really is a superhero to me.

BTW, the photo is of my niece~ can't you just see the superhero gene already being passed down? I can. : )


  1. You are my superhero as well. :-)

    Ps ~ We went to A LOT of stores yesterday, and somehow we managed to miss Costco.

    PPs ~ That was fun doing school in the doctors office with our kids. My kids got all their schoolwork done. I was not expecting them to be so focused. It was very fun!

  2. Awww. . . that Liz. How sweet. You think you can send that superhero over here too?

  3. Lizzy~

    I know~ It must have been the clipboards. All of a sudden everyone feels like a manager... and lots of school work gets done. : ) Thanks for keeping them focused.

    Thanks so much to you and your sweet family for brightening my day. It was great~ all the better for skipping Costco, don't you think?

    I just knew you were way better than a hamster the minute mom brought you home from the hospital! ; )

    Love you!

  4. Lois~

    I know, can you believe her? She is so fun and so sweet. I am hoping she will hijack my blog when I am in the hospital. You guys will LOVE that. I am sure.


  5. I am totally seeing the superhero gene!

    You guys are so cool. What a sweet sister/friendship you have.

    I hope my daughters are like that when they grow up.

  6. So we finally went to Costco yesterday (4-8-2008), we left at 1:00, and stepped through the door of Costco at what 6:30? And really our only goal when we left here was Costco.

    Could it be our groups are not as productive together? Nah, must be something else. Got any other errands that need be done? We're in!