Monday, April 14, 2008

Organizational Projects- Part 2 Shoe storage

Oh yes, we are busy! And when we are not busy, we're reading about being busy! Actually this is one of Lydia's favorite books. She asks me to read it to her almost every day at nap time. I love how huge it is compared to her. Look at those little toes peeking out... adorable.

Anyway, back to being busy. One of my very loyal readers (my sister) asked me to post more about organizational projects we've been working on. So, today I thought I'd share a garage project that worked for us.

I don't know about you, but our family has a lot of shoes. We've got chore boots, “land” shoes (really dirty shoes that are ok to play in), town shoes and church shoes. That's a lot of shoes when your talking about storing shoes for 6 people!

I found myself wading in shoes just to get to the washing machine in the laundry room. The solution?
Build a simple “mud room” system in the garage.

We purchased some open bins from Lowes (I was afraid if they had lids we might never use them) and Tom built a bench around them using some left over lumber. While we were at it, we installed some hooks above that because we have chore coats, rain coats, town coats... you get the idea. The girls painted the bench white~ and I think we will paint the shelf white too, but for now it's working and that is the important thing.

I already had the above shelf cubbies from Costco, but since closet space is at a premium inside we moved them out here also. We use them for our church shoes, gloves and hats etc.

Tom and I were cracking up after I took this picture- apparently the shelf is also where we keep our mini cooler and our gun. Don't worry, it's just a BB gun, but looks rather country of us, don't you think?


  1. Great idea! So nice and neat and orderly. You crack me up. I hadn't even noticed the gun, I had to scroll back up to see it. I was too busy looking at all the cool cubbies and stuff!

  2. Rebecca,

    I love your idea. Too awesome. Now I'm going to convince Evers to build us one of those. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I love white organized garages! Unfortunately we don't have a garage or mud room. However, I did discover that by using a hanging shoe cubby bag with clear sides, I could organize the hats, scarves and gloves in winter! Doreen

  4. Rebecca-

    These posts have motivated me in a BIG way. Or I'm nesting. Or both :)

    I just spent the last 20 minutes emptying the girls' closet (sans clothing) into five trash bags. I was getting so stressed every time I went in there and saw the result of the hurricane (who shall remain nameless. She's 4...) So I packed it up and won't pull it out for awhile... we'll see if not having stuff motivates them to keep it tidy. Or maybe they won't miss it.

    Anyway, I'm off to clean out my clothes now. I have size 8, size 10 (remember when I used to be thin???), maternity cold weather, maternity hot weather, post-partum clothes, size 12... size 14... need anything?


  5. Cheryl~ isn't that funny. Time to go, just let me get my shoes, my mini cooler and my gun- all set!

    Oops~ sorry Evers. ; ) Actually it was really simple and inexpensive! Lois, you have to post a picture on your blog when you get it done!

    That's a great idea Doreen. Especially for those with limited space! I am imagining you will be able to switch the contents out for sunglasses, sunscreen and summer hats soon! We're there already!

    Awesome Kendra! You know, the fewer clothes the kids have, the less laundry I have. Everything seems easier. I am really getting more deliberate over time. It could definitely be from 18 months of camper life.

    You look SO great Kendra- gotta say you were able to hold on to the 8's way longer than I did! Oh well, there's time for that, but right now we are so blessed to be in the baby season. And you are such a cute pregnant mommy!


  6. Oh, but I didn't hold on to them... I wore them just two summers ago! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Actually, I am over the appearance thing. I just felt so great when I had lost the pounds.

  7. Kendra~ Knowing you, you'll need those clothes again so don't ditch them entirely. Soon, we can be "big losers" together. ; ) Love, RJ

  8. I am so copying the idea, except that I have to figure out a way to make look like my idea first, which will be harder now that you are documenting things here on your blog (with pics no less).

    I just have to comment Kendra, Rebecca and I both were saying how cute you are on Sunday. I Loved your hair (with a capital L). So cute! You ladies both wear pregnancy well.