Thursday, May 8, 2008

2 weeks old...


  1. When were we scheduling that photo shoot at my house???

    Love it! Great photo; precious model!

  2. All your pictures are so beautiful. You're a great photographer.

  3. Thanks ladies! You are so sweet. If you could the 30 pictures that get deleted for every ONE picture I save I wager you'd be a bit less impressed with my photography "skill."

    Yes Lisa, when the kids are asleep the modeling seems easier. Could I photograph your children asleep? ; )

    At least Grace?

  4. WOW!! You have a great eye for photography.....I really have enjoyed the pictures of your children....inspiration.

    And I also should thank you for your insight into disciplining... I've got three little ones close together and I've got to learn to include the heart during times of correction and reproof.

  5. What a great image! Your composition is perfect! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful baby.

  6. So beautiful and sweet.


  7. Thank you ladies! You are so sweet. I have so much to learn about photography. I am more aware of what I don't know than what I know at this point, but who can take a bad picture of a new baby? : )

    So glad you all are here. And glad you are enjoying the posts on child training as well. Your comments are a real blessing!

    Hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!


  8. Hi, I cannot think of how I've stumbled upon your blog but I have!

    Have you heard of the site's a photography website where you pay nothing to put your work up in a portfolio. People can look and comment (most people are lovely) and you can buy and sell your work. The standard of the prints/cards etc is amazing...I don't work for them or anything like that. I just think this shot of your new baby is so beautiful, you may like to look at printing it off...I have received some framed prints and the standard is second to none...give it a look if you get mummy!!!