Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Secret Mailman

Look what we found on our back porch. The note was signed: Love, Your Secret Mailman.

How precious! Thank you Secret Mailman... whoever you are!

This reminds me of a sweet story we read once in I Wonder. : ) What a wonderful gesture of love. We are feeling very encouraged. And giggly.


  1. How sweet! Such a lovely gesture. Hailey is just adorable - that 2 weeks seems to have just flown! I'm sure it's gone even quicker for you!

  2. Hi Amanda!

    Wasn't this sweet? The strawberries were delicious and soon we had another mysterious delivery at our back porch!

    Someone had put a special something in a package for each of the girls: a bead necklace, bead bracelets a pink pen and some Hello Kitty band-aids. Things from someone's special box I'd wager.

    So nice to have next door cousins... if that's who it was.

    You're right, the past two weeks have really zipped by! I hope things slow down a bit. : )


  3. Hi Rebecca & Family!!

    We've missed you!

    So... I was just checking what news is with you these days...

    I'm up to date now!! :)

    You've got wonderful photography Rebecca!! And a SWEET Family... and you are a terrific Mama & Wife, and a wonderful example, in many ways...

    Thank you Rebecca!

    And Happy Anniversary!! :)

    It's fun seeing older photos isn't it?? ;)

    Have a blessed week Mama!

    Love, Kt