Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Newspaper

Whenever I flip through Trish Kuffner's books I find some fun or inspiring thought. This week we started a family newspaper based on her idea. What a great family building activity to encourage writing! It has "homeschool" written all over it, don't you think?

The girl's and I sat down together and came up with some topics we thought we might like to include. Once the stories were assigned and completed, Faith typed and formated them in Microsoft Publisher. Another great skill.

They are really excited about it.

A few of our top stories this week?*

"Hailey has Arrived" by Sarah Jones;

"The Great Detective Agency" by Michaela Jones (the girls have formed a detective agency to uncover household mysteries like what's that terrible smell in the bathroom and why isn't it going away?);


"Mother's Day" by Faith Jones reporting on how they celebrated their Mama. I'll just say breakfast in bed was really nice. : )

I love reading about our home life in their own words. What a treasure.


  1. What fun! We have the Preschooler's Busy Book which I was just flipping through the other day. I believe it's going to get some good use this summer.

  2. Are you going to send it out to relatives?
    We have toyed with the idea and the kids have written a few 'aticles' J actually created an advertisemant for a frisbee golf course that he layed out here on the ranch and then took pic's of it. I think it's a fabulous idea!

  3. Hi Lauren, I love the preschool one too! If I remember correctly, that one gives the idea of hiding treasures in the sandbox for them to uncover (coins etc.). The little ones enjoyed that activity last summer. : ) Do you have a favorite activity from that book? Blessings to you! Rebecca

    Hi Dana, You know, I just wanted to put them in a binder to look back on them myself, but the girls want to send them to the grandparents and any other relative that will indulge us. : ) If you guys do one, please send it to us and we'll send you ours! The girls would love that.

    Oh, and I FINALLY found grapeseed vegenaise at the store, but I accidentally deleted the recipe you sent me over e-mail. Oops. Would you please re-send it to me? Or post it on your blog? It's so yummy. Love, Rebecca

  4. Actually, my favorite tidbit from the Preschooler book wasn't an activity at all. It was where she suggested that if you were on the phone and a child needed you, that they should lay their hand on your arm or leg. Then you would lay your own hand on top of theirs to let them know that you had "heard" them and would get to them when you could...that has saved so much sanity in this house!

  5. Will do - as soon as I locate my recipe. I think I have it memorized. But I'd like to make sure.