Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Guess who turned 2 today?

If you guessed my sweet neice you were correct! Here is my wonderful sister Liz with our very adorable Mercy Jane. She knew just what to do with that cupcake, didn't she?

Michaela and Katelyn hanging up the sign all the kids worked on. It said, "Happy Birthday! We love you Mercy!"

Mercy and my awesome brother Sven. Really love that guy.

Silly Lydia.


  1. You're really sweet, sis. You and your family made MJ's 2nd bday really fun.

  2. Awww - how fun and isn't she darling? Are you sure she's 2 already??? Hardly seems possible...

  3. Thanks Sven~ I think it was our family that had the fun time though.

    I know Kristi! Unbelievable. She was such a doll~ appreciating each present and just being plain adorable. Speaking of dolls, you'll have to ask Liz about the doll she picked. I'll just say that I think little Gabbi has won her heart. : )