Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some things that make me smile...

These crystal vases. Something old and something new. The old vase belonged to my great auntie Reba. I am her namesake. The new one was purchased with my mom and sisters on a shopping trip. Fun memory.

Little baby things. Always shocked and amazed when I get to have another baby. Each one is a precious, undeserved gift.

Fabric swatches for consideration. New pillows? Recover the hope chest? Maybe I just like fabric.

A game table was added. A place we can leave games and puzzles we are working on.

A fun game. Except the kids might be on to me~ spelling and adding in their off time~ hee hee.

A new home for my cookbooks. Which frees up space in my kitchen cabinet~ hooray.

Sweet little Sarah popping up into my picture. And bar stools. A Mother's Day gift to me. : )

Who needs a bassinet? Not Hailey I guess. : )


  1. Oh Rebecca! Everthing looks so pretty, so clean. The wind is picking up the dirt from open field across the street and covering my my house with dust!
    I am about at my wits end.

  2. I hear ya sister. That's how it was in Manteca all the time for us! I gotta say though your property is awesome. Definitely worth the dust.

    Oh c'mon. Your transparency is seriously blowing my cover. I dusted and cleaned all day- that's the only reason things look clean in the pictures.

    I've been so behind the last couple of days that the other night I had a dream that Jane Gibson came to my house and wanted to clean it. It was great.

    But Jane hasn't called, so I decided that I should probably get to it. ; )

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. You house is gorgeous and your children are beautiful. I will be coming back to read your sight often. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You always have such beautiful pictures! You seriously have an eye for decorating! Everything's gorgeous!

  5. Hi Elizabeth~ welcome! Glad to have you here. : )

    Thanks Christie and Kristi! It feels good to "lighten up" the vases and flowers and think about new fabrics in the Spring.

    Hi Lauren! Thanks` it's working really well in our family room. I've been wanting a game table for a while, but something large enough for us. I opted for a small dining table that was being sold on clearance at Walmart. 5 pieces (1 table and 4 chairs) for $169. Something Tom and I could both be happy about. : )

    Have a great weekend!