Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Oregon Vacation- day 3

~ Beach and BBQ day! ~

Little Lydie by the sea. Hat created by the incredibly talented Kendra Fletcher. I absolutely love it!

"How fun! We went to the beach today.
Cold, tidal pools, water, wind, clams,
sea anemones, and fun!"

~ Faith, age 11

"I liked running through the water.
I liked putting wet sand on the
sea creatures and seeing them
close up.

I liked going in the deep puddles
and seeing how deep they were."

~ Sarah, age 6

"Today was fun! I was screaming and laughing!
We ran in the tide. We dug in the sand.
My bucket broke, but I was still able
to use it. It was so fun."

~ Michaela, age 9


  1. Oh, how fun! I love the quotes. That's a great idea to share those. You creative lady, you!


  2. Love the pictures! Excited to see that little Hailey has made it to the family picture. Precious! Our little crew is going to be happy that you're back.

  3. Oh, I love the hat on Lydie! Too fun to see it being enjoyed so. I am a big believer in using the things that I make, and I actually delight in seeing holes in the kids' handmade socks :)

  4. Hi MB! We decided to keep a travel journal this time- one we hope to take with us on future trips as well. I love being able to hear about the day in the girl's own words. : )

    Hi Erin! We have really missed you guys! We are glad to be home. : ) Please say hi to your precious bunch.


  5. Hi Kendra! I told you I would not be able to wait! It is so very precious.

    Handmade socks? That is truly heartwarming. What a fun memory for your babes.

    Thank you again!!

  6. Glad you had such a refreshing time away. God is so good to His children - blessing, teaching, guiding and loving us everyday...even on vacation! Those quotes are truly delightful and (as always) your photos are just gorgeous!
    Grace to you and yours,

  7. Looks like a fun time! I love the quotes idea. I tell myself all of the time that I need to write down what the kids say during the day, and always forget. What a great way to document these memories.

  8. Thanks ladies! The travel journal is a new idea. But every once in a while I will scribble down something the kids say and put it in a box I have. I figure I don't really have time to scrapbook now, but someday if I have their quotes and photos I'll get to it. If not, me and the grand kids will just sit around and pull quotes out of the box and laugh. : )