Friday, June 13, 2008

Quietly Heading Seaside...

Have I been quiet this week? It feels like I have.

I have been busy serving as the Project Manager for our upcoming vacation by the sea. My duties have included itinerary planning, reservation confirmations, mapping, and of course packing. We leave tomorrow. Hooray!

With the building of our home we had kind of put off any vacationing. Little weekend excursions here or there, but a full week? It's been a while.

I imagine a relaxing time in front of the ocean. Watching the water, toes in the sand, kids running down sand dunes or hunting out sea life and building castles. But in reality we've never been to this location so I will have to wait and see what it will be like. And I am quite ready for an adventure!

I look forward to having more writing time when I return. Lord willing, we'll see you in a week!

May the Lord continue to bless each of you as you lead little hearts home!


P.S. Doesn't it seem that someone is sadly missing from this last photo? We'll need to remedy that. : )



  1. It does seem like the pictures are somehow incomplete. I hope you packed lots of white. We'll miss hearing from you and pray that you have a lovely relaxing time. Is it pointless to suggest that you don't try to do too much?

  2. I hope you all have a lovely time and return relaxed and refreshed! I pray you are especially blessed during this wonderful family time! Grace go with you!

  3. I assumed Hailey Grace was behind the camera. You really need to invest in a timered camera.

  4. I am beyond impressed that you took your kids to the beach wearing white. I don't even let my kids wear white to bed!

  5. The first picture is breathtaking. Everything about it is perfect, from the beautiful girls to the lighting and posing. Did you take this? I have been wondering recently if you are/were a member of a photography forum. Your style is a lot like one that I used to be a member of. I always love looking at your pictures and am inspired to take more pics of my kids.
    I hope you have a fun, relaxing vacation.

  6. Hi Erin! You made Tom and I crack up with that comment. Me? Do too much? : ) Thank you for praying for us. It was special.

    Thank you Amanda. I really appreciate your praying for us. God did bless us with a relaxing, refreshing time. I am thankful. Blessings to you! : )

    You are funny Steve. : )

    Hi "four little penguins." You have to tell me your real name one of these days. : ) Actually, I LOVE white. I think it's my favorite color--- I know, everyone says it is not a color, but I disagree. : )

    We use white towels in the baths and kitchen. A little bleach and all is forgotten. : )

    Hi Serena! Thank you so much! YOU have beautiful photography. I used to go onto 2 peas, but I haven't taken the time in a while. How about you?

    I am so glad you are taking more photos of your cute babes! It goes so fast. : )


  7. I just found your blog via "With Great Joy's"...

    And I LOVE looking at the pictures of your beautiful fam! We are expecting our fourth GIRL in 2 months. And by people's reactions, you'd think we were cursed not having a man-child. Crazy people. :)

    So to look at your family of five women-in-training brings tears to my eyes. Of course it could be all the hormones raging through my body. but somehow I think it's not. :) There's just something about seeing another sweet family of girls that brings deep joy to my heart (and my hub's, as he liked viewing your pics as well).