Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Chance to Help a Wonderful Family...

and place a Ugandan orphan into a loving, Christian home.

Pastor Steve Walker and his family have servant's hearts, so when they read verses like James 1:27 (Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this, to visit orphans and widows in their troubles) they see an opportunity to die to themselves and live for Christ.

Their family has been working hard to make sacrifices within their home with the goal of reaching out to orphans. What are they doing? They've reduced their grocery spending, have eliminated big purchases- including the replacement of a high mileage car, their boys have donated their own money and they are coordinating fund raising events. All to bring home an unknown orphan.

Want to help? Go to their blog entitled: Help Bring Hayley Home.


For those of you in the San Joaquin/ Stanilaus areas, please read what Lisa Kjeldgaard has to say:

"Pastor Steve Walker and his family, who are dear friends,
are working hard to raise funds to bring home a little girl
from Uganda. One of the things they are doing is hosting a
Vacation Bible School Day Camp at their home as a fund raiser.

Wendy, is an amazing as a VBS leader. I'm telling you, this
woman is in her element directing VBS camps and Steve, our
pastor, is right there with her doing wacky skits and leading
little hearts to the Lord.

Lots of homeschooled teens from our church, Central Valley
Presbyterian, will be serving as counselors and teachers. Heather Davis' teens, Andy and Kendra
teens, and our older kids will be there helping
children have a safe and fun week.

The camp is using Answers in Genesis's VBS program and will have an Amazon theme that focuses on
Creation Science.

Wendy's developed a blog which tells their family story and has lots of details about the camp.

Obviously it's a fundraiser, so there's a cost. I know there
are free VBS programs all over the county but this one will
help bring an orphan home from Uganda! And, someone donated
some scholarships; so check out the blog:

Hope to see some of your kids at camp!"

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  1. That sounds like fun, but too bad we live too far. Bummer. I'd love to have my kids attend this VBS.