Thursday, July 31, 2008

Homeschool Swim Lessons

Do you ever have those "What was I thinking?" homeschool moments?

Maybe it was the time that caterpillar you were keeping under observation shed it's skin and it looked just like a little black ball so you explained to your kids that caterpillars heads fall off before they go into their chrysalis state~ um, where did that come from?

Well, this one wasn't that bad. But here goes...

For years we drove to the local Parks and Recreation department, plunked down our money and drove the kids to swim lessons. It was inconvenient, but it's the way it's always been done.

As kids, Tom and I both went to "Parks and Rec" swimming (in two different states) and now our kids would. You take the kids to the experts, right?

But~ we're homeschoolers.

Aaannnnd... we know how to swim.


The instructors: Your very own Pa and Your very own Uncle Sven
Qualifications: #1 God entrusted you to them so He must think they can handle it; #2 They have never drowned and #3 Uncle Sven does amazing cannon balls upon entering the pool
Location: The Rafferty's delightful next door swimming pool
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at promptly 11:00 am

The delightful pool and warm up exercises.

Uncle Sven entering the pool. Just look at that form~ is his toe pointed? Well done Uncle Sven, well done.

The big kids:

The little kids:

Here Pa (or Uncle Pa as he is also called) appears to be squeezing some water out of Joshua. You might have to click on this one to view it larger. Something very important is happening here~ I'm pretty sure.

Ranch Rafferty~ where there's always time for a friendly smile.


P.S. I think it's only fair to mention that as soon as I posted about not being adversarial with our children I felt very adversarial with half of the talking population of young people in our home. I won't tell you which half, but you probably guessed Hailey is not in that number. Love is patient (1 Cor. 13). I'm working on that. : )


  1. Regarding your swim school, is it open enrollment? We just had Matthew go through 2 weeks of nearly useless swim lessons with our local park & rec. Not entirely the fault of the instructor, a high school student with 4 6-year-olds and only 35 minutes to split between them.

    But still....

  2. As always, love the pictures. You are great at capturing the moment.
    I wish it were warm enough here to be playing in the pool. We have had unusually cold weather this summer.

  3. Hi Lois-

    I understand that feeling. And I wish we were closer geographically. My point though is that it is odd, after thinking that I have a "homeschool mentality" for over a decade I still find there are some areas in which I am thinking like a government school kid! Swimming~ this is a skill we possess! Granted, not everyone has a pool, but it's the homeschool mentality thing. Funny.

    Hi Kristi! : )

    Thanks Serena. You are making that berry picking look great! I need to take the girls to do that. How different our climates are! I almost forget that some of us aren't air conditioner hot!


  4. Hey Rebecca,
    I've had those same thoughts! I had the kids in swim lessons in a local pool a few years ago and it was a waste of time! Then we paid the YMCA to teach them. OK for the 11 year old who is working on diving and the class is small, but a waste for a beginner. After all, a non swimmer needs to TRUST the teacher! There is some apprehension with a stranger. One of my homeschool friends has 3 of her 4 that can swim, all from their backyard Intex pool and never had a "formal" lesson. I was initially shocked by the idea, but you said...we are homeschoolers! We certainly don't need the immodesty at the local pool either!