Monday, August 4, 2008

A Day of Rest

After a wonderful morning at church, we took our five little blessings to the park. We packed a cozy blanket for lounging on and found a large shady spot under several mature oak trees.

Tom set up a croquet course for us with a view of the lake and gazebo. We enjoyed taking turns hitting the balls through the wickets.

Later we took time for feeding the ducks. White leather tennis shoes~ such a spring and summer staple for us.

There were bubbles for Lydia. So fun to hear her squeal and laugh over such a simple thing.

It was a blessing to rest as a family after a busy week and a long day of cleaning the garage on Saturday.

Guess who lost their second front tooth this week? Our brave Sarah pulled it out herself! She was so excited to tell her Pa.

Tom tempting the wild life. He was able to get this goose to eat from his hand, although I never could catch it on film.

Hailey standing with a little help from her big sister. So strong. What an answer to prayer.

A master bubble blower hard at work.

Is that rolling? Faith recording baby Hailey on video. Tom never minds being used as a prop if he can work in a little shut eye at the same time.

Hope you had a blessed day of rest.



  1. Beautiful pictures!

    How on earth do you get your girls' hair to stay in place at the park? For us, after 5 minutes it's all over the place!

  2. Hi Lauren!

    Just getting the chance to comment myself. What a busy week! : )

    You are so sweet. Well, as for the hair my sister and I have found that wetting the hair is critical before styling. It seems to hold the hair in place so much better the whole day.

    Not wetting the entire head of hair, but the crown. For Sundays I try to put in a style that will stay the whole day. We don't tend to pack brushes to freshen up. Sometimes I think we should, but I usually don't think to. : )

    Blessings to you!

  3. I will have to try wetting it then! Thanks. :)

  4. What a lovely post full of such beautiful photos! That gazebo looks just like the one we have in the heritage park in our town. It's by the river- no ducks though.
    We are going through some church turmoil at the moment (the church, not us specifically- it is in the process of dissolving), and I think very soon will be without a church home. Difficult. I am praying! For now we will enjoy similar 'days of rest' as a family, and strive to get our spiritual food among good friends and at home. :) Have you had a similar experience at any time in your life?

  5. Yes I can relate to that. You've got mail. : )