Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indoor Camping


In the interest of margin and spontaneity, Tom and I surprised the girls with a camp out Sunday night.

I should really call it a camp "in." We cleared the couches and tables out of the way in the family room, set up beds on the floor, handed out flashlights and roasted s'mores over the gas stove top.

To add to the entertainment, we hauled in the TV and watched videos of our vacation.

It was great! No dirt, bugs or packing. This is my kind of camping.


Of course, one can't really wind down and feel prepared for such a big event without a beauty treatment first, right?

Does Tom look asleep? Maybe that's why he's letting Lydia put pink barrettes in his hair... again.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that for daddy's in households with lots of girls~ this is all just part of the territory. Am I right? : )


  1. hahahaha pink barretts! that hasn't happened around here yet at least to Mike,I'm the 'Barbie Makeover' head of choice. Everyone elses hair is too short.

    From all the preserving, going in and out and tractor work being done, I'm sure camping in for us would feel a little like camping out right now. Ugg!
    Very fun night!

  2. "Actually, I'm pretty sure that for daddy's in households with lots of girls~ this is all just part of the territory. Am I right? : ) "

    What's up with Tom? Is he some kind of sissy? Where's the motor grease, the sports page, the power tools? Where's the grunting, the scowls, the 3 o'clock shadow?

    My wife and daughters will tell you that I've never yielded to womanly influences. (Just don't ask them, okay?) Okay, so maybe once (or twice), but never caught in a photgraph, I don't think.

  3. 'Barbie Makeover head'- HA! : ) I am so amazed at your harvest Dana. I've got some serious planning to do around here. I need to pick your and Cheryl's brains.

    Don't worry Steve- there's plenty of grease, tools and grunting around here. Oh, but you were talking about Tom. : )

    Why do I doubt that you've never 'yielded to womanly influences' over there?

    Cheryl??? Dani??? Corin???

  4. How fun.

    We did that, sort of, once a long ol' honkin' time ago.

    I THINK about doing it. Hmmmm. Maybe we'll actually do again . . . sometime.

    I agree it sounds a whole lot easier than the dirt, bugs, and packing.


  5. Hi MB! It's super easy- I'm all about easy. Trust me- your kiddos will have fun and we can all use a dose of that. : )