Monday, September 22, 2008

Worth a thousand words...

What a comedy in expression. We were out on the back porch tonight and I asked Sarah to hold Hailey for a moment so I could snap a photo of Faith. Well, I wonder what Hailey thought of that idea. : )

9.24.08 Updated to include the Faith photos.

By the way, have you ever been "Hockneyized?" It's novel- and it's free!

Blessings to you!


  1. ROFL!! I love that!

    Aren't kids so fun?? We always say that.. they never perform on command..nope! And here is proof!! LOL!!

  2. Quite true Amy.

    Although Hailey is many months away from talking I think she can express herself quite well, don't you?

    : )

  3. Could we see the pictures of Faith???

  4. Sure! I wasn't too thrilled with them so I didn't think to post them. But since my one anonymous fan is here, why not. : )

  5. Oh, I love all the pictures! But then I don't have the "eye" that you do! I love that Hailey is so honest with the camera :) Of course, honesty in kids can get embarrasing once they start pointing at people/strangers and making comments like: "Why does he walk like that"? and "Mama, look at that man"! (It was a woman with short hair) Oh my - completly honest but in a loud voice and, oh, I'm sure you've never had to deal with that kind of honesty before... Back to the cuteness of your girls - they are just that - CUTE!

  6. Hi Kristi!

    I guess I like them more today than the other night. I had a plan, but I decided to ditch it because Hailey wasn't in the mood. That's ok. I don't fret too much about that type of thing. It's supposed to be a fun hobby, right? : )

    No, we never have embarrassing moments in public--- HA!

    I think my recent fav. was when my 9 year old (who would have loved to have been King Josiah's wife and seen all those idols smashed into bits!) said in front of the Jo-Ann's cashier. "I was really surprised to find they sell idols here, weren't you Mama???" And other related comments in her oh-so subtle fashion. Just doing her small part to make the store trash them. : )

  7. So have you taken classes on photography? You take amazing pictures.

  8. Thanks Kristen,

    You are so sweet. No, I haven't taken any classes in photography, but I read a lot and am inspired by talent that far exceeds mine.

    I have so much more to learn, but I am enjoying the process of experimenting as I capture the faces of my children. : )