Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Don't you love the colors of Christmas? The browns and golds make way for deep hunter greens, reds and whites. Welcome color!

My sister Liz snapped this photo of Faith and I today. I love it... it's a keeper.

Christmas is always a time for remembering. A benchmark~ even more so than New Years for me. My friend Christine, who went Home before us used to hang this wreath on her front door~ next door to mine. I always hang it somewhere. This year I think it's home is the inside of the front door.

Cute, marshmallow snow men. I love these guys. So fashionable with their stripped hats and Jelly Belly noses. And so delicious with graham crackers and chocolate. And graham cracker houses~ my new thing. I love that they are just fun and inexpensive. Good bye gingerbread kits!

to you!



  1. Beautiful!!!!
    Will I ever be able to take photos this stunning with a non-professional camera? (this is a rhetorical question unless you can answer it!)
    All that red is just so lovely and Christmassy. :)

  2. Thank you Saminda. : )

    I think there is quite a bit you can do with a non-professional camera. What do you use and how many mega pixels is it?

    Most of a good photo is lighting and composition in my opinion. It has taken me years of play to be able to see what I like, but there are some composition rules of thumb I often think about while shooting. Such as the rule of two-thirds (you could probably Google that). Also, just being aware of your background is important. Removing distractions from behind your subject is often overlooked and creates too much "noise" in the background.

    All that being said, once you feel confident with that, a good camera and lens really help with clarity and your ability to crop/ enlarge. Although, if I was to advise someone about cropping, my advise would be not to crop if possible. I'd rather move myself and crop less... if that makes sense.

    Is this almost a post? : )


  3. Oh my goodness! Just when I think you couldn't get any cuter... well you do!!!

    Love you,

  4. Rebecca, I love the marshmallow snow man..did you stick them together with something or just squish them together? I think that might be a fun thing to do with my munchkins.

    Also, my hubby and I got a great chuckle about the picture with Faith and the Holy Spirit...so funny:-)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    Lots of love,

  5. Merry Christmas Joneses! The colors of Christmas are so you.
    And Liz has quite the eye for photography as well.
    That is so wild!

  6. *smile*

    I used powdered sugar mixed with a little milk to "glue" things. Less expensive/heathy... um, healthier than pre-made frosting.

    I think Liz is great with a camera too! I was just telling her that again yesterday. She's my go to girl when I need to be in a photo. : ) I set it up and she knows what I am looking for every time.

    Praying you have a heart of peace amid the business this week!


  7. Everyone and everything looks just lovely! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Beautiful! Here, the tree has origami ornaments courtesy of Jack and Abby, the starfish for the banister haven't arrived yet, and the presents are stacked in my closet because I have a feeling Christian will open them if I put them under the tree before the 25th. So I'll just look at your pretty house instead :)

  9. Thank you Kristi. Merry Christmas to you!

    Kenj~ I love the sound of origami ornaments! We had so many break last year~ maybe paper is just the thing!

    Liz and I were laughing that the big decorate the tree day is a little anti-climatic when you hardly have any ornaments. : )

    Ah, presents in the closet. Yes, Christian is much faster than Hailey at this point. Also, half the time Hailey scoots backwards rather than forwards, so we have that on our side as well. : )

    Also, I am going to borrow your idea of having a store in a box for the little ones to "shop" for last minute things this year. You are a smarty skirt.

    Keeping it simple.


  10. As always, I love the pictures.


  11. AH... I love the marshallow men!

    I came by hoping to see more of your CVP photograhy.... but no more huh?

    Your site looks awesome as usual!

    I hope you all are doing well! :)

  12. Hi Mary Beth and Katie!

    Good to hear from you!

    No, sorry Katie we had to take a break for Christmas. And it is good we did with all the sickness that was going around~ and settled here.

    Hope you are looking forward to a new year in Jesus! The kid's motto this New Year is: "2009, in Jesus we will shine!"

    Thanks Lisa K! : )