Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homeschool Helps- Copywork

I have been desiring to share a couple of things that are working in our homeschool day~ as well as some that aren't.

One of the reasons I want to give a glimpse into the changes that are developing here is my hope that younger homeschool moms will see that often through the homeschool year things get tweaked here and there. That is something I did not know to expect setting out.

Now I do expect that. Just like an employer must gauge morale and create an environment where real work can happen, we too must think of ourselves as managers. We are in this for the long haul and these relationships are for life.

We also need to realize that as homeschool moms we can lose morale ourselves if we are not careful. We need to allow ourselves to do some things in an easier fashion as long as it doesn't sacrifice the end goal. And that is where we need wisdom from the Lord~ who will give liberally and without reproach (James 1:5).

I had begun this homeschool year creating my own copywork pages by hand. My goal was to correspond to and augment our other studies by creating custom copywork that was related to what we were covering.

I would use a line generator to create the 8 1/2 X 11 paper I desired and hand write the text. It was time consuming to say the least. As our schedule got busier it was harder to find time to prepare these pages.

This past month I transitioned to using the Ed Helper website for copywork creation. I can create custom copywork in moments and print as many copies as I need. I still have the ability to control what is being used for copywork, using this time to gear the girl's meditations to godly things and allow the lessons we are working through to "steep" in their thinking.

Additionally, because our family teaches cursive first, this has been fabulous for us. We can create custom cursive pages utilizing Scripture, poetry and quotations significant to our family's studies for all ages.

It is a tool we use almost daily.

Many of the Ed Helper resources are free. Some, including the "Build a Handwriting" activity option I am highlighting here is part of their basic subscription which is $20. per year.

For that $20. a year I am gaining copywork creation for three students as well as numerous other supplimental lessons for all ages.

For those of you that attended CVP's Winter Homeschool Encouragement Day last year, you may remember my sister Elizabeth sharing about resources. This is one of the sites she mentioned. She's been using Ed Helper for years to create mini books her children color and read and as well as other resources to compliment holidays and various studies.

Isn't she cute?

We have greatly enjoyed hearing from you by e-mail; knowing how to lift you in prayer and knowing that you are praying for us as well. What a blessing to join hands with other saints across states and across oceans. Please keep us posted so we can continue to pray with you.

Blessings to you as you lead little hearts home!



More about the photo: My sister Elizabeth on her birthday a few years ago. As usual, when our entire family gets together, there is a general fun craziness that keeps us laughing. Here our younger sister Dale is holding up a baby photo of Liz and the kids were entertaining us at the same time pretending to be angels.


  1. Here's another website chock-full of helpful things - including printing out custom made copywork sheets for FREE!

  2. Fantastic find! Thanks for sharing it!


  3. It's funny you mentioned what a great resourcee Ed Helper has been:) I had a retired teacher suggest it as well as week or so ago.

    That might be something we CAN use in the future. Right now I just have ONE doing Copywork... so it's do-able for us:)

    And thanks for the reminder that it's ok to have changes ans schedules or resources tweaked:) Good practical advice for us homeschooling newbies;)

  4. I switched to Start Write Now,for the very same reason. Writing it all myslef was overwelming.


    I had to get used to the idea, it was OK to switch from what worked for one kid, to something else when it didn't work for the next kid.

    Looking forward to more of these posts!

  5. Great one Dana!

    We love Draw Write Now, but had no idea they had a cursive lesson option.

    Thanks so much my friend!


  6. What an adorable sister you have! ;-)

    Hey you inadvertently put 2 examples of Faith's handwriting. The recent one with Scripture, and the one a couple of years ago from my birthday (she made the place cards). Much improved!

    Great post!

  7. She sure is cute! And sweet too. : )

    You're right! What a difference!


  8. Have you heard of StartWrite.com It is the same thing you are looking for and it is $40 to purchase...you wouldn't have to keep buying it each year. Just a thought...you can check out their demo.

  9. http://www.writingwizard.longcountdown.com/handwriting_practice_worksheet_maker.html Check this one out that I found recently that is totally free and wonderful! I am also a "newbie" to homeschooling and I think your tips are great. EdHelper is a resource our local public school uses and it is great. I was tempted to use it for home, but I have spent too much on curriculum and I have more than I can do already... LOL!

  10. Thanks ladies for your contributions and welcome!

  11. Hi,

    thought you all might be interested in this site we use: http://www.kbteachers.com it is also a membership site for teachers; but it has tons of free worksheets and a free trial too.