Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poor Tom

My husband, Tom, has been a machinist for over 22 years. That is, except for an 18 month break in which built a house. Actually more than that. He felled trees; built a road; and then he built a house. I know. He's amazing.

Well, as some of you know, Tom has been working on his newest project for some time now. Opening his own machine shop. The goal is to work closer to home. So, for the past couple of years he's been driving long distances to earn the wages he needs while working steadily toward his goal~ obtaining permitting, running electrical and buying equipment as the Lord provides (at times miraculously). He wants to start his business debt free. Good plan.

So why do I say "Poor Tom?" Well, he's recently hired a Marketing Manager.


Like I said, Poor Tom...

Introducing TruTech Engineering. Be sure to have your speakers on!


Photo 1: Lydia (our little red head) crawling for Pa during our home construction; Photo 2: At the Cover Apple Ranch. We have learned that we love anyone with the name Cover. : )


  1. Way to go you guys! Oh, and it's Yay Tom not Poor Tom - he only stands to benefit with you by his side :)

    I hope business is overwhelmingly busy. I know! That doesn't sound nice does it? But you know what I mean!

    Big hugs,

  2. Thanks ladies.

    Kristi, that was so sweet. You bless. : )

  3. Great job on the website Rebecca! You finished it! It looks really good!!!!

    I think you are rather amazing too!!!

  4. The web site and video look amazing! Great job Rebecca. And now we pray! :)

  5. Oh. How. Exciting! This is awesome. Um, ya. Poor Tom. He has to have a brilliant wife who takes amazing pictures and who can support him. 80)
    Totally excited for you guys.

  6. Nothing poor about Tom!!

    Oh, can he make a part for my brain, I seem to be missing a piece or two. Okay God's grace is sufficient!

    God bless you and prosper you!

  7. I love you Cathy. I think your brain is perfect. : )

    We have a potential client coming to see the shop on Wednesday with a Purchase Order in hand. Prayer time!