Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the Garden

Welcome to the place where bare little toes are at home wiggling in the Sweet Pea bed.

Where chubby fingers beg to hold freshly picked tomatoes~ and little mouths take big bites always secretly hoping they will taste like nectarines.

Where the air is fresh and warm and all things seem to grow right before our eyes... even the babies.

Hailey. 17 months.

Many blessings,


  1. Oh Rebecca, she is beautiful!! If only we could get Hailey and my sweet chubby William together for a play - what fun they would have!! ;)

  2. My sweet girl had that very dress when she was about Hailey's age. She is 10 now, so I know you can relate. I miss those sweet chubby days sometimes!

  3. Where do you buy their adorable clothes at?

  4. Your baby is a little less than 2 months younger than mine. So cute.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. Hi Rebecca :) That is adorable, absolutely precious! Baby toes, baby plants, baby cheeks, baby bites... Thanks! Love & hugs, Q

  6. SO sweet and fun. Love those pics! Anna and Heidi helped me in the garden a few days ago and were munching on tomatoes, too. I just forget to take my camera with me!

  7. Oh my, what beautiful photos of such a precious little person!

  8. Hi Saminda!

    Agreed! What fun it would be to have a play date together. Coming to the States anytime soon? : )

    How fun Kim! We have so much in common. Thank you so much for your prayers this season. Your family is very precious.

    Hi Amy,

    Well, I actually bought that dress at Target for Lydia~ so fun to hand things down. Most often I buy clothes at Thrift Stores. If you can't find a good one, search "thrift" rather than Goodwill etc. or ask someone in your area who loves to buy things second hand. They will know the good spots. : ) I also like Once Upon A Child for littles like Hailey. Her last pair of cute little shoes cost $2.50.

    Hi Babychaser! Aren't babies delightful? I feel like mine is growing just too fast. Relate?

    Thank you Quinne. You are so sweet. Always a word of kindness with your name in the blogosphere. : )

    Hi Lisa! Oh I can picture that in your darling garden. I think I took a few photos of your well appointed space when we were there. I am behind on posting photos. How fun to bring our little helpers. We're all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    Welcome Minivanlife! Love your blog. What a talent you are. I am always amazed at the talented, grace filled, thinking Christian women I have the pleasure to meet here. Ladies~ go see her gorgeous photography! And if you have a few more minutes, check out our friends that follow in the side bar. Lots of kindred spirits here.