Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the Back Seat

My ears perked up as I heard the little girls in the back seat discussing Lydia falling from a chair earlier in the day.

Lydia, age 4
Sarah, age 7

Lydia: "I guess it was the Lord's will."

Sarah: "I was praying for you Lydia."

Lydia: "I guess it was my own fault."

Sarah: "I think it was the chair's fault."

Lydia: "Yes, we can't forget the chair."

Made me think of Pooh and Piglet...

"We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company."
~Psalm 55:14

Many blessings,

Photo: On the way to Great-Grandma's house.


  1. Sweet! I always love the little things that our wee ones say:-)

    Your children are beautiful!

    Lots of love,
    (by the way...we are hopefully moving and I was wondering if it was into your area. I would like to research homeschooling resources in the area. Would you be willing to let me know if it is in your area and if so, do you have any suggestions? We will be in Merced County)

  2. I adore your girls, they are so sweet and mindful of the Lord! Hey, Hailey's in a big girl seat now! See you soon. :o)


  3. Okay, this made me cry! Seriously!!! :) Such sweet conversations they have, don't they?! It amazes me what comes out of the mouths of my little ones too. :) I just love Lydia- "I guess it was the Lord's will".!! ;)

    Oh Rebecca, have you visited by my blog lately? Do you know that we have sold our little home in town and (all going well, should be unconditional this week...) we have bought a lovely home on 3 acres just out of town? I am so so so happy we will be living in the countryside- always a dream of mine! The Lord is SO good, he makes the impossible possible!!

    I hope all is well in your beautiful family.
    Saminda xoxoxo

  4. Hi Sommer! You will not be that far! I'll e-mail you. : )

    Hi Lisa! Yes, I kept meaning to tell you that. We bought Lyddie a new booster and gave Hailey her chair. We are really looking forward to your upcoming visit. : )

    Hi Saminda! You are so sweet. Hooray~ it's official! I had been peeking, but didn't get the update. I am SO happy for you all! It is really lovely! So many sweet memories you will all make there. I look forward to watching from the other side of the globe my friend. : )

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I love this conversation SO much!

  6. Hi Dani!

    So glad you loved it. : ) I missed seeing you today.

  7. So sweet ... very Pooh and Piglet!

  8. That is just precious. :)

    Also...I had a question for you. I've been reading your blog for some time now and LOVE is full of wisdom and sound, Godly advice from a mom who is farther along than I am, and I've loved reading your ideas, tips, thoughts, etc. I am a mom of a 3 yr. old, a 1 1 1/2 year old and have a another blessing on the way in the new year. We are planning to homeschool and I've begun to think about this topic more now that my oldest seems to be ready to learn more and more as the weeks go on! I would love to purchase some books on homeschooling...ones written from a Christian perspective that are practical and hopefully filled with ideas, wisdom, etc. I thought you might have come across some "must-have" books for homeschooling families and was wondering...would you mind sharing what some of them would be? Thanks so much!!

    (p.s. if it's easier to email me, my email is:
    andraya3 at yahoo dot com)