Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sarah's Day

Recently we celebrated Sarah's 8th birthday. Breakfast tradition in our home includes a special balloon, the table decorated with our homemade birthday runner, fabric banner on the wall, breakfast donuts and gifts.

Sarah's one of those energetic, fun spirited kind of kids who makes you laugh-- even when you are trying not to. We just love her.

A few weeks ago I had this conversation with Sarah:

Sarah: "Mama, in heaven will everyone have their own room?'

Mama: "Well, I don't know. We know there will be enough room. Would you want your own room?"

Sarah: "Oh no, I want to be with my sisters!"

Lydia: "You want to be with me Sarah?"

Sarah: "Yes. You and Faith and Michaela and Hailey."

I want to remember that one.

Sarah's evening included a fancy birthday dinner with family, candles and a lovely cake made by Faith.



  1. Rebecca, you've no idea how much I enjoy your posts. :) They inspire me, fill me with joy and thankfulness... and I just appreciate the beauty of each picture and the wisdom of each line you write so very much!

    Happy birthday sweet Sarah, you are a very blessed little girl and I just love that you love your sisters so much! I know my children feel that love for one another too and it's so special. :)

    Blessings Rebecca, and it's so nice to hear from you!
    Saminda xo

  2. REbecca, tho I don't know you.. I am sitting here all misty! That is so my heart for my girls.. what a precious heart and thought from your sweetie about heaven and being with her sisters... man, that just did my heart good today!! I would want to remember that quote too!!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Sarah!

    Hugs.. Amy

  3. Saminda- Thank you so very much my friend. I am afraid I have been too busy to post much these past couple of weeks. It's nice to know my kindred spirit in Australia is doing well. : ) I look forward to reading your comment to Sarah.

    Hello Amy! Awww... thank you. : ) As you know, as long as we live in the flesh we will have both the golden moments and those inherited from our father, Adam. Keep patiently bringing them to the Word- only He transforms the heart (ours and theirs), amen?

    By the way Amy, your photography is truly lovely.

    Love and blessings!

  4. you have lovely daughters, and one has the same name as mine. I have three of my own.

  5. That's a fun coincidence! Hailey?

  6. Rebecca- Wow look at that cake! So sweet that she loves her sisters like that! That is what family is all about!
    (HUGS) Kelly

  7. Rebecca,
    I have to tell you that your post was perfect timing. My daughter's 9th birthday was November 6th. I was looking for a special way to have a morning celebration! I read your post and loved the idea of donuts. The night before, my husband and I decorated the table very pretty and girly and surprised her with the donuts on a beautiful cake stand. She loved it and her brothers loved it too!
    Thanks for helping make her birthday special!

    Jennifer in TX

  8. Hello friends!

    Just back from a weekend away. I'll be trying to catch up on your e-mail tonight!

    Thanks Kelly! I too was impressed with Faith's cake! She used the "Creative Cakes Anyone Can Make" book and DVD by Jill Foster (Christmas gift from her dad and I) which made it easy.

    Hi Jennifer! How great! So glad you shared that!

    BTW, we use the same homemade runner and homemade banner (visible in the evening picture) each birthday- keeps it easy. : )