Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Embracing God's Design


I recently had the opportunity to visit with a wise friend. We talked through several topics over coffee in her living room and eventually landed on motherhood.

I shared that I was in the process of re-examining God's creativity in making each child with unique personalities and likes. And that I have learned that rather than seeking to mold my children into my image, I desire to find who God created them to be.

I have accepted that I said.

My sweet friend encouraged me that it is so important to do more than accept God's created differences, but relish in His handiwork!

How very right she is. And what a seemingly subtle, but profound difference that has made in my thinking.


She shared that she loves Hydragea flowers- they are her absolute favorite. And because of this fact, she very much wanted Hydrageas in her front yard. She soon learned that the sunny real estate in her front yard was simply not a good place for these shade and water loving beauties.

She learned to appreciate that God made different flowers for different locations. They are all beautiful and she does not simply embrace the Hydragea. It would and struggle and die if she forced it to live in the sun. But when she embraces the rose, she can enjoy the blooms that were meant to grace the sunny garden.

What a brilliant example! We all have different children. Some are creative with words, others curious to the point of breaking things to discover how they work. Some are strong and passionate, others quiet and easily yield. And while each trait has it's strength and weakness associated with it, the Lord has fashioned these souls with specific roles and futures in mind.

How wonderful to excitedly embrace the flower God has made and delivered to our door. To tend and care for these little ones and be the sun or shade, by our continual love and enjoyment of them, that causes them to thrive.

That is not to say that plants do not need training, pruning or soil ammendment. Just that God is creative and has made more than just one personality to be enjoyed.

And what a beautiful arrangement is made when we have the contrast and beauty that comes from variety in our homes and in our churches.

May you be blessed,


  1. I love the flower illustration! So true! Thank you for sharing. It makes me think of my little Rachel. I am always pushing her outside, when she truly blooms indoors with quiet reading,drawing and occasional outings to explore. (She really does not like being in the sun at all!)
    While my oldest daughter enjoys being outside rain, sleet, snow, or sunny to explore! So neat to watch them grow and bloom just how God created them.

  2. Hi Stephanie and Kelly,

    I needed to be reminded of this. There are times when our little punkins just don't fit our "mold." Maybe we have a girl who is amazing with tools (can she still be feminine- oh yes!) or one who just isn't crafty (shouldn't all little girls love crafts?) or maybe one who doesn't relish the outdoors like Kelly shared. We can still encourage them to explore those things and be stretched, but when we try to force them into our image, we miss who they are and what they are good at.

    Like in Hans Christian Anderson's The Ugly Duckling. Sometimes that person near us isn't a duck at all, but destined to be a beautiful swan. : )

    Have a great day!

  3. Once again, your post is exactly what I needed to read today! Amazing! Really, so many of your posts are just what I need to hear, when I most need to hear it.
    Thank you!
    Gabi :)

  4. Wow- I praise God. That's all Him, isn't it? : )

  5. This post really blessed me. Thank you for the reminder. =)

  6. I love the flower analogy. They truly are little flowers waiting to bloom. Beautiful! Thank you for that.

  7. Beautiful post! I really needed this one too. It really confirms to me what the Lord has been talking to me about. I have been struggling with my son in this area. He is very different to me and sometimes I'd just like to 'stuff him into my mold', but God has a plan for his life that is not the plan that I have. He is an amazing child and I praise God for him! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this post. Thank you for sharing. My oldest three are all girls. They are each so unique. The oldest is a bit shy around new people, the middle one has never met a stranger, and the youngest is a total ham! It's a constant reminder of God's creativity! :)