Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Things


"The race is not to the swift." ~Ecclesiastes 9:11

Well, that is good because swift I am not.

Instead I have learned to be content in little things.


This week I accomplished a few more little things that were on my list.

I took the mismatched kids table and chairs and gave them a quick painting.

Somehow when things are unified by color they seem to match- even when they are different styles.

The result? Peaceful.


"Build houses and dwell in them." ~Jeremiah 29:5

When we built our home we had the vision of a reading room. After living in the house a while we realized that what we really needed in its place was a dining room. We moved the dining table in, but the books on the shelves stayed there. It wasn't relaxing. It felt cluttered, so I finally cleared the shelves.

Once the shelves were cleared and cleaned, I pulled out my collection of white dishes. I love the simplicity of their silhouettes against the dark wood. And I love transformations that don't carry a price tag.


I have been seriously lacking in the textiles department. Curtains and other coverings can be a big decision, but deciding to make a simple valance for our master bath wasn't. And it wasn't costly or time consuming either. With a yard of fabric, an inexpensive curtain rod and some iron on seam tape I created this quick treatment one night while the kids were in bed.

Did I mention that the rod was inexpensive? WalMart stocks these for just under a dollar.

Just rearranging a few things can make everything feel fresh and new. I'd rather find new ways to use old things than go out and buy the world. One of my favorite quotes is from
Baldassare Forestiere who said:

"To make something with lots of money,
that is easy.
But to make something out of nothing--
that now, is something!"

If you haven't seen how he created something from nothing, you will have to read his story! You will be inspired.


One of our favorite mottoes has long been: "Many hands make light work."

So this week an old frame got a quick spray paint and our motto was typed and slipped inside.

I moved a little lamp we weren't using into the kitchen and have been enjoying the coziness it lends.


It struck me the other day that all the patterns I love so well were displayed in Creation first.

Darling polka dot rain jackets take their cue from the Lady bug and the Polka Dot Grouper. My friends lovely Tortoise shell jewelry, well the tortoise shell. The animal prints, furs and so on are all bits of God's handiwork. And I love them.

So when I saw this fun Zebra print pillow, embellished with beads I thought it would be the perfect punch for these traditional wing backs. I actually spent money. $13. (at WalMart) The girls gasped- I thought one might pass out. But we all love it from any angle and we've recovered that Mom bought retail. Smile.

The little galvanized buckets were at the Target dollar spot and I think they make the sweetest little vases for flowers.


The list of little projects goes on. It's always there. Some projects will happen sooner, some later.

Next I think I'd like to build a simple frame around this homemade chalk board. A little left over moulding and paint ought to do the trick.

But for now, it wears a new message. I thought this was sweet.

Have a great weekend!

May you be blessed,


  1. It's looking great! Hope to see it soon. Rob

  2. Rebecca - what beautiful ideas for home decorating on a budget! I use a copper urn on my bathroom vanity to store toiletries - it has a lid and like your fruit basket I think it was meant for a dining room table but who said fruit baskets had to be used for fruit! I have a bigger version of your little table sitting in my shed, it has turned legs almost identical and today I was contemplating whether or not to give it the Dulux antique white treatment or should I just throw over a tablecloth? It is going to sit outside on my patio next to my kitchen door and my house is all white. Seeing your little white table and all your unifying white touches throughout your home has helped me envision what my table will look like painted, so looks like I will be onto my next project. The table was here when we bought the house so it is a freebie! It is going to be much easier than my last project - a huge old vintage wardrobe that became a homeschool craft cupboard.
    Oh and I see from one of your link within posts that you also have a Michaela! My Michaela was one of the first Michaelas in my circle of friends at the time and everyone thought it was such an unusual name, then suddenly it became popular. There is even a resemblance to my daughter who also has long straight brown hair - she is now 16 and she still loves her name!

  3. This was such a fun post for me to read. We are also trying to get the 'little things' done around our house! It was great to see pictures of all your little updates - your house is so beautiful!!

    Do you love having hardwood floors? Do you have hardwood floors in your living room area as well? We have lived in 4 different states over the past few years - all of our houses have had carpet throughout the house and then ceramic tile in the kitchen/bathroom areas. I have always wondered what it would be like to have hardwood floors instead!?! Your flooring looks beautiful and adds such warmth to your house! I also love the color of your walls - your house just looks so inviting :) We moved into our house a little over a year ago - so we are still trying to add our touch, to accent the builders touch! lol

    I think you will really like having trim around the chalkboard. We painted a section of our garage with chalkboard paint, then added pretty, white trim around it. Our girls love 'decorating' daddy's garage with love notes and drawings! It really looks adorable, even in a garage! :)

    Anyway! I always look forward to reading your blog! You always seem to brighten up my day!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. would you share how to make the chalk board?

  5. Rebecca~This is such a great, timely post for me. I realized at the end of February that we have lived in our little home 6 months now! But, it doesn't seem like it and to tell the truth it is still far from "homey". I have a limited budget and seems like a limited imagination and creative streak ;-) However, you have inspired me to see what I have and see what I can do with it and a limited amount of spending!
    Perhaps tomorrow I will begin putting up our pics and thinking about ways to make hour house a "home" :-)
    One thing I wish I could do is make an awesome large table, but alas, it is not in my skill set ;-)

    Blessings my friend...hope to see you Sunday!

  6. What a fun post! As you may know, I love me some cheap home projects! We are getting ready to re-do our master bath ( I am pretty sure it hasn't changed since our house was built in 1969!!). I really loved seeing all your repurposing ideas!
    Blessings to you!

  7. Thanks for these simple, cheap but Very nice ideas;) I need to be inspired;)

  8. This is fun! Your projects and photos are so lovely--and uncluttered. I need to do some serious, serious "editing" of all my collections here, but that takes energy too!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  9. These are awesome tips Rebecca. Suzy and I really enjoyed looking through these!

  10. Thanks Rob! Yes, we have to set a date. How is after Spring Camp? : )

    Hi Ann, what fun similarities. I'd love to see your table when it's done!

    Hi Kelly, Thank you! Yes we have hardwood (actually Wilsonart Estate Laminate) throughout the house- except in bedrooms. It is a good thing too- out here in the country with all the dirt we surely would have ruined carpet by now!

    Hi Maggie- It's chalkboard spray paint from WalMart and the back of a sheet of bead board from Lowes or Home Depot. It comes primed white. It took a few coats of the chalkboard paint- 3 I think. We love it!

    Hi Sommer! Six months already? Wow! Yes. It just takes time. We've been here five years and there are still so many things I just haven't gotten to (painting doors, baseboards and so on). Little things! Love to you my friend!

    Gabi- how fun!!! You must check out The Yellow Cape Cod blog. She did a fantastic job in her master and even used grout paint to update their tile. Amazing.

    Thanks Kelly! I apprecaiate your sweet comment!

    April- Yep, purging is huge! Sometimes we just have too much stuff and need to get rid of things. I'd rather the girls have five doll dresses than fifty. I am not sure things are even meaningful to them when they have excess. So, I have grown into a "less is more" mentality. : )

    Shane and Suzy! Great to hear from you! Thanks sweet friends.

  11. Look at all of the wonderful, creative, "thrifty" things you've done to make your beautiful home even prettier! I can't help but laugh at your girls gasping that you bought retail, though. What treasures they are.

  12. Thank you Cheryl- you blessed me with your comment. Aren't they funny? Trained for thrift I suppose. : )

  13. Spring greetings from Colorado!
    I want to thank you for the lovely picture tutorial on the "little improvements" you have been making to your home. I have tucked them into my little mental pocket of sorts.

    Like you, I have a household of daughters, and a son in the middle of them all, and I have enjoyed feathering my nest with them participating (and gasping too!)

    Isn't this journey incredible?!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and home.
    You are a blessing to me!

    Under His Wings,
    Malinda @ vintagehomesteademporium

  14. So very's amazing how beautiful you have made it.

    sandy toe

  15. Hello Malinda! What a blessing you are! YES! This journey is amazing! I could not be happier than relishing in the simple role the Lord has laid out for me. We are so very blessed, aren't we?

    Hello Sandy Toe- thank you so much! You are very kind. :)

  16. Adorable and (I love this part) inexpensive ideas that are inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  17. It all looks great, thanks for sharing what you've been up to! It is always great to see how others are using what God has given them to make their home a blessing. We love your home (but mostly for the people in it!).

    I've been getting loads of little things done around here. Each one feels so good, and they all add up!

  18. Love it all! So so so pretty sis. Love your style!