Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sun + rain

Spring is here! And while there are plenty of things I am behind on- regardless of how many days I work until I am exhausted- the Lord is reminding me that often the most important things I tackle are invisible.

Like the underground roots of a plant, they remain unseen. Immersing myself and my children in God's Word, memorizing Scripture and applying it, speaking kindly, prayer. Seeking to hear my children and to know them.



Many times failed.

But they work together to create the tiny hairlike root system that gives support, strength and hope for the future. That underground system that requires water. And weeding. And tending.

Isn't God good? He helps us- because we couldn't do it without Him. And He 'gets the glory' I can hear my grandma's voice echo.

I love this video by Francis Chan. Hope you will take a few minutes to view it.

Blessings to you!

P.S. Did you know those fantastic Doorpost folks have a blog? You'll want to check it out!


  1. Love it...and I miss you mucho, friend!

  2. Good Video. I had a youth pastor you did something like that with a magic marker point. Doorposts have a blog? Wow very neat. I look forward to reading that.

  3. So true... I've been feeling the same way, and coming to the same conclusion!!

    Along the same lines, have been reading Sally Clark's book on Mothering, and the last chapter I read was about the things to make priorities should be the eternal things: people & relationships. I love it!

    Sometimes, when I can't SEE the invisible progress/ or things I achieve, I like to make them visible on my to-do list, by filling those successes in!! ;-)

    -Excellent post!! Thanks!

  4. Sorry it took so long to respond. Having some problems leaving comments!

    Hi Lisa- Missing you mucho too! Thanks for your sweet note dear friend!

    Kelly- Isn't that a great image? Yes- I just love those Doorpost folk!

    Thanks so much for your comment fellow Anonymous friend! Great idea to put these priorities on your visual to do list- Bravo!